Are you getting enough protein in your diet?


Protein is a vital part of any diet. It’s the crucial component that helps our bodies to grow and repair – vital for everyone from the elderly to the super-fit bodybuilder.
So how do you get enough of this in your diet?

First things first, you need to know how much protein you actually need to consume. There are various formulas that can help with this but the British Nutrition Foundation states that your recommended intake is about 0.75g per kilogram of body weight per day for adults – that’s typically about 56g a day for men and 45g for women.

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3 Things You Should Do Before Paying For Your New Car

5 2015 Nissan Murano

Paying for your car is the final step in a long journey that is the process of searching for, negotiating and finally deciding on a new car. Once you’ve located where you are purchasing it from, and websites like Boost Classifieds can help you with that, it’s time to make an offer. However there are several final things you should do before paying out the money for the car. Take a look below.

1. Take the Car for a Test Drive

One of the most important parts of purchasing a car is the test drive. This is the part where you get to test out all the capabilities of the car to ensure that it is exactly what you need. This is also the opportunity for you to check if the car may possibly have any driving faults. Ensure that you check the car in both highway and traffic situations. That way you will be able to see how it handles in both fast and stop start situations. Ideally it would be best to test it in multiple weather conditions as well, but unless you are lucky enough to drive into a storm this is generally not an option. This is your last chance to make sure that your potential new car drives the exact way that you want it you want it to.

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Picture of the Day: Lovely Regina

Here’s lovely Regina playing with her shirt. You have to love her amazing eyes!

Lovely Regina


Movie Review: “Tomorrowland”

George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy, Pierce Gagnon
Brad Bird

“Tomorrowland” does not play by the usual ‘Disney PG movie’ rules. It hits harder, makes the audience uncomfortable, and has an alarmingly high body count. When we finally discover the movie’s endgame, this makes perfect sense, but it might be a shock up front to parents who see that the DreamWorks Animation movies are all PG, and therefore assume that “Tomorrowland” will be no different. It is drastically different – this film is a call to arms. It may take its name from a 60-year-old section of Disney World, but this movie is as right here, right now as it gets.

And while the movie is undoubtedly better than it would have been without writer/director Brad Bird’s involvement, the fact of the matter is that this is Bird’s weakest film, but let’s put that into perspective. He directed three animated masterpieces in “The Iron Giant,” “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille,” as well as the very good “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.” “Tomorrowland” is enjoyable; it just doesn’t measure up against Bird’s other films. It uses a jerky narrative device at the beginning that never works, and actually leaves the audience unprepared for what follows. It also has no business being 130 minutes long.

Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) is a high school science prodigy who spends her free time sabotaging the NASA site where her father (Tim McGraw, yes, that Tim McGraw) works in an attempt to delay his eventual layoff. One night she gets caught and arrested, and while retrieving her things after getting released on bail, she finds a pendant that, when she touches it, briefly transports her to another world with technology that far exceeds our own. In her quest to discover what this place is, Casey gains the help of a girl named Athena (Raffey Cassidy), who leads her to Frank Walker (George Clooney), who has also visited “Tomorrowland” but was exiled. Frank reveals to Casey that something bad is coming, and nothing can stop it. Casey convinces the jaded Frank to believe that they can avoid the inevitable, but soon they have another problem: a group of “Secret Service agents” seek to permanently close the bridge between our world and Tomorrowland, with extreme prejudice.

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Picture of the Day: Brandie in a bikini

Here’s sexy Brandie Moses hanging out in a bikini in Santa Monica.

Brandie in a bikini