3 Ideas to Help You Hold a Successful Poker Night

poker chips and cigar

From The Sting to Casino Royale, films about gambling (and specifically poker) have captured the public’s imagination for decades. Television has made celebrities out of high stake poker players and while online gameplay is more popular than ever, there’s nothing better than getting a group of pals together and practicing your best poker face. So what separates a successful poker night from your average get-together? Read on to find out!

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The Health Benefits of Tennis

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You should already know that physical fitness is important to keep the human body healthy and in shape. There are many great sports out there that give the body a complete workout, and tennis is definitely one of them. Tennis is an extreme full body workout, since you are moving, twisting and turning constantly as you follow the ball. You don’t need separate cardio routines when you play tennis.

Whether you decide to join a competitive tennis group or just play for fun with friends, you’ll need some basic equipment in order to get started.

Basic Tennis Equipment

There are a few things you need, aside from a great tennis court to play in, in order to become a tennis pro (or just play for fun). Even to just play for fun with friends, you’ll need some basic tennis gear and equipment in order to get started. You need a racket, tennis balls, you need some comfortable clothes you can move in. You’ll also need a good pair of tennis shoes since you need to be able to quickly move to a ball flying your way and hit it with a tennis racket back across the net, and not out of bounds. Depending on how often you play, you may also need extra strings for your racket.

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These iPhone 6 Accessories Will Take Your Phone to the Next Level

iPhone 6 side view

Today, we use our phones for pretty much everything. Think about the last time that you went out and forgot to bring your cellphone along – the chances are that you felt lost for most of the day or for the entire time you were out without it. With such an important place in our daily lives, it only makes sense that we enhance our phones with the best possible accessories.

After all, the right accessory can help to protect our phone and ensure it doesn’t get scratched during a bump or fall, but beyond that, they can also help us appreciate our devices more. From clip-on camera lenses to long-length chargers, here are some of the best iPhone 6 accessories available today.

Clip-on Camera Lens

There are quite a few different camera accessories available for the iPhone that stand out on the market today. Some have multiple lens options, whereas others focus on giving you one specific adaptation. All of the lenses that you’ll find will be fitted perfectly to the iPhone 6, allowing you to take wide-angle, fisheye, and macro shots in an instant.

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Great Formula One drivers

Formula One racing has become a sport that has captured the imagination of millions of people around the world. One of the reasons for this is the excitement of the sport itself. However, Formula One has been the home to some of the most legendary drivers in the history of auto racing. These great drivers built up huge followings of fans who would make a point of watching every televised race they participated in. The Internet has made the current crop of drivers even more famous than their predecessors. This is due to social media and the fact that most drivers have their own websites. Here is a look at some of the most notable Formula One drivers.

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Picture of the Day: Denise in a tiny thong

Fitness models like Denise have bodies that women want and guys drool over. Here she shows off that spectacular booty in a tiny thong as she wears thigh high stockings as well.

Denise in a tiny thong