Lexus introduces all-new LS at NAIAS

Lexus unveiled the all-new 2018 LS at the North American International Auto Show last week, setting a new standard for its flagship sedan. I remember when the original Lexus LS 400 sedan was unveiled in 1990 and the effect it had on the luxury sedan market. That original vehicle helped establish Lexus as a dominant brand in the luxury market, so the new, fifth-generation LS is a very important launch for the company. The new LS has been design to be the brand’s global flagship and will be available around the world in roughly 90 countries.

The new LS will hit the showrooms later this year and features a wide variety of improvements along with a bold, new design.

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Drink of the Week: The Toronto Cocktail

The Toronto Cocktail.Last week’s drink might have been a bit uncertain when it came to its geographical underpinnings, but this week’s is pretty clear that it’s an homage to Canada’s most populous city, a place I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting. The Toronto Star traces its origins to a 1922 cocktail book written by a London-based bartender who claimed the drink was a favorite of Torontonians but noted that the province of Ontario had its own version of prohibition between 1916 and 1927. Moreover, there’s no other known connection between the drink and the particular city it’s named for. That being said, it’s a truly worthwhile classic cocktail that can stand proudly beside any other city-named drink you can think of.

In any case, this version of the Toronto Cocktail comes, once again, from David Embury’s 1948 “The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.” Depending on how you look at it, it’s a variation of an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan. Since I prefer to make this one on the rocks, I’d say it’s more the latter than the former. Try it for yourself.

The Toronto Cocktail

1 1/2 ounces Canadian or rye whiskey
1/2 ounce Fernet Branca
1/4 ounce simple syrup or, if you don’t have that, 1 teaspoon of superfine sugar
1 dash Angostura/aromatic bitters
1 orange twist (high desirable garnish)

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Bullz-Eye’s 2017 Alternative Film Awards


‘Tis the season for various critics groups and professional organizations to hand out their annual movie awards, recognizing various achievements in acting, writing and other areas of film production. These awards are prestigious but ultimately lacking in diversity and what audiences are truly seeking when they go to their local theater. To remedy that, we here at Bullz-Eye have created the Alternative Film Awards, which celebrates some lesser-acknowledged movies and performances that also shone bright in 2016. (Warning: Some mild spoilers follow.)

Best Action Sequence

The airport fight in “Captain America: Civil War”

There were more technically impressive action scenes in 2016, but what the Russo brothers captured so well with this set piece is spectacle and emotion. It highlighted the best parts of serialization and an expanded cinematic universe, and because audiences know these characters and care about them (possibly even siding with both parties as they each make excellent points), they are invested in seeing what happens when they clash. Add to that the fact that the sequence imitated the type of big, splash-page brawls often found in comic books (with multiple skirmishes happening at once), not to mention the admittedly cool sight of Spider-Man and Giant Man squaring off, and it’s no surprise why the moment was hailed as an instant classic among fans.

Runner-Up: The entirety of “Kill Zone 2″

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Hat hair puts a dent in your style, and Old Spice wants to help


National Hat Day is this Sunday, and Old Spice has teamed up with celebrity groomer Benjamin Thigpen to get you more “sexy time” with the ladies in spite of your affinity for hats.

As the manliest grooming brand on the planet, Old Spice is excited to introduce the latest addition to its Hair Care and Styling product line. Old Spice Swagger Gel gives guys high hold and moderate shine for hair that doesn’t try too hard.

Thigpen has worked with the heads of Marc Jacobs, Bruce Willis, Nate Berkus, Francisco Costa, Nick Swisher, Josh Duhamel and Tony Hale, so he can definitely help you with that crusty piece of lettuce atop your dome piece.

“As a grooming expert, I’m so excited to team up with Old Spice to help introduce new Swagger Gel that’s designed for guys looking for high hold and a moderate shine. Let’s face it, guys want hair that looks like it’s not trying too hard, and Old Spice Swagger Gel does just that. Simply rub a nickel size amount on your fingertips and work into your hair for that ultimate rockstar look,” Thigpen said.

More and more guys are wearing hats – particularly during winter – and these tips are relevant for any time of the year, especially if they’re looking for easy ways to combat dreaded “hat hair.”

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A Great Idea for Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is coming up, so consider this your official warning. Now the question is, what should I get her this year?

You could try the usual. Flowers, chocolates, a stuffed animal, a gift card or a last-minute gas station gift. While most of the above would make a good gift for Valentine’s Day, they are not great, amazing or out of this world.

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