The Diesel Engine’s Odd Past

Heard about the Volkswagen diesel scandal? If not, here’s the short course: Volkswagen recently got involved in a high-profile scandal when it was discovered that they had modified the software in their diesel-powered cars to meet emission requirements. This was an embarrassing event for Volkswagen, but as it turns out, it’s just the latest in the odd history of the diesel engine. Here’s the story.

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Some Countries Where Gambling is Forbidden

Unlucky as it may sound, there are countries in the world that still live behind the barriers of gambling restrictions. Instead of encouraging safer platforms for people to take part in wagering, or controlling the venues for betting to impose reliability, they simply just restrict it. Just as it has continually been repeated in history, the measures these countries take to put penalties on the individuals caught breaking these laws or the casino operators and betting halls don’t seem to be effective.

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Great Mini-Games from Video Gaming History

Throughout the history of video games, developers have been fascinated with the idea of giving players a little bit more. Back in 1979, gaming saw its first Easter egg in the form of a hidden credits room in Atari 2600 title “Adventure.” In the proceeding decades, studios have continued to take pride in adding bonus material to their titles, with mini-games and side content becoming more conspicuous and outlandish as time has gone on. The Spider Tank in “Watch Dogs,” a hallucinogenic “digital trip,” serves to illustrate just how fond software developers are of mini-games.

Today, we’re taking a look at two of the most celebrated mini-games in video games history.

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Car Tech Smarts: Understanding Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling Connectivity

The odds are high that there are plenty of people around who have heard about Bluetooth technology but don’t really understand all of its capabilities.

If you have Bluetooth connectivity in your car, you probably know that you can connect your phone for hands-free calling, but there are actually a lot more things you can do besides making calls.

Here is the lowdown on what Bluetooth offers and how to make the most of the technology, including an overview of how the technology has evolved, gaining access to your smartphone apps and a look at some of the key features that you should be able to access when you pair your device.

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Can the MLS Outshine the EPL?

Soccer in the U.S. has seen something of a resurgence in recent years. After the disaster NASL turned into, Major League Soccer is proving more durable. Previously the sole preserve of children, this incarnation of professional association football in the USA has a more solid foundations than its ill-fated predecessor.

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