Miley Cyrus channels Jim Carrey

Miley Cyrus served up one of the lamest performances in the history of the MTV Video Music Awards, with many on the web suggesting that her look was inspired by this classic Jim Carrey skit. Check out more Miley jokes here.


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Beck’s selects 6 artists to create unique labels

Each year, Beck’s selects six artists from a variety of disciplines to design original creative work to live on Beck’s beer labels. Check out the video below and you’ll see the various artists and see how they came up with their innovative designs. You can see how they’re dedicated to supporting up-and-coming artistic talent.

All of the artists we very cool, while the TM Sisters really jumped out with their interactive digital designs. They’re based in Miami where we spend a lot of time, and the creative elements of that city, including the music scene, permeates their art and creations. They’re a Miami sibling duo working in digital video performance, collages, VJing, fashion pieces and video games, and they created an art label that depicts an epic pose of a flying woman shooting beams from her hands.

The other artists include:

Actor and Grammy award winning musician Kid Cudi
Fashion designer and entrepreneur Marc Eckō
Artist and musician Willis Earl Beal
Multi-medium artists The Date Farmers
Photographer William Hundley

Check out the video below and then look out for the bottles.

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Death of Iconic New York City Music Venues

Buzzfeed has an interesting list of iconic New York City music venues like CBGB that have closed over the years along with “then and now” photographs. It’s a sad article for anyone who loves live music and anyone who experienced shows at one of these clubs.

The YouTube clip above has audio and photos from one of Bruce Springsteen’s classic shows at The Bottom Line at 15 West 4th St.


Virgin Atlantic is no ordinary experience

Richard Branson has always had a flare for the dramatic, so it’s no surprise to see unique ideas coming from Virgin Atlantic. The company recently launched their new “Flying in the face of ordinary” promotion by replacing an ordinary park bench with an extraordinary one – complete with padded red leather, extendable leg rests, stewardess call button and a fold-out entertainment. Everything you would expect in the air, placed in the middle of New York. People could take a seat and take complete control of their experience. Check out the video.


Portlandia ”Feminist Bookstore” Compilation

If you like this, check out “Portlandia” on IFC.


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