Can Andy Murray regain the world number one spot?

Andy Murray has struggled with injuries over the last 18 months but the British number one has shown signs that he is returning to form. The Scot, who recently married long term partner Kim Sears, is looking to regain the world number one spot from Novak Djokovic but may need to win at least one of this year’s Grand Slams in order to achieve this goal. We take a look at Murray’s season so far and discuss whether or not he can win one of the upcoming majors and regain the world number one spot.

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Watching College Hoops in Vegas with Rip Hamilton – What could be better?

You know spring has arrived when everyone starts filling out their college basketball brackets and tries to figure out ways to sneak out of work to catch the first games on Thursday and Friday. Who knows? Maybe all the snow that’s piled up across the country may have even melted by then!

That won’t be a problem in Las Vegas, of course. Vegas has always been one of the best spots to enjoy the college basketball tournament frenzy during that first weekend.

A few select guys will have their own memorable experience watching the tournament on Friday in Las Vegas with Rip Hamilton courtesy of Gillette Clear Gel. We all remember Rip winning basketball championships during his college and pro days, and he’ll be hosting a viewing party with Gillette Clear Gel on Friday, March 20th at The Ainsworth in Las Vegas. Those lucky guys attending will have the chance to watch the game with Rip while receiving miscellaneous perks throughout the game.

Gillette Clear Gel boasts no odor and wetness protection for up to 48 hours, so these guys will be able to put the product to the test as they experience the frenzy of the tournament in Sin City!

Every year, the tournament offers plenty of great storylines, though we often don’t know what they’ll be ahead of time. Stars are made year after year in this tournament and it’s usually impossible to predict which team will get hot and destroy everyone’s bracket. Last year’s national champs were the underdogs and were still able to rise to the top and pull off a miracle finish.

Speaking of this year’s top dog, we do know that they will be a major story this year after going undefeated during the regular season, which is appropriate for Friday’s viewing party, as Gillette is featuring its “Undefeated” Clear Gel product pictured above. I’ve had plenty of experiences in Vegas where I could have used that level of protection!

While the top seed will be the team to beat, there are plenty of other teams hoping that one superstar can carry them to glory.

So the drama begins on Thursday and Friday, and Rip and the Gillette Clear Gel gang will have quite a party to enjoy it. We’ll report back on how it all went.

Editor’s Note: This post has been brought to you by Gillette Clear Gel. Boasting no odor and wetness protection for up to 48 hours, it’s sure to keep you dry throughout the frenzy of the tournament!


Joe Gibbs on the return of Crispy M&M’S and the forgotten Redskins’ dynasty


For an unknown reason, NFL history has robbed the Redskins dynasty of the 1980s and early 90s of the recognition it deserves. But the real question is, why?

NFL fans remember the Packers championship teams of the 60s, the Steelers of the 70s, the 49ers of the 80s, the Cowboys of the 90s, and the Patriots of the present day. But no one remembers the Joe Gibbs-led Redskins.

From 1982 to 1991, the Redskins appeared in four Super Bowls and won three of those games, and in each game, they won with a different starting quarterback and a different starting running back.

Not content with one of the most successful coaching careers in NFL history, Gibbs created his Joe Gibbs Racing NASCAR team in 1992. The team has won three Sprint Cup championships since 2000 with stud drivers like Bobby Labonte and Tony Stewart.

At this Sunday’s Daytona 500, the Joe Gibbs Racing Crispy M&M’S #18 car will return to the track after a 10-year absence, piloted by Kyle Busch.

We spoke to Coach Gibbs about flourishing in both sports, the upcoming Daytona 500, his relationship with Jack Kent Cooke, and why he thinks his success with the Redskins has been largely ignored. You can listen to the interview via the audio player or read the full transcript below.

Let’s talk about Crispy M&M’S making their return to the track after a 10-year hiatus, kind of like you making your return to the Skins the second time.

Just about the same; I was 11 years, Crispy’s been out 10 years. We’re excited to have them back. And on Sunday’s Daytona 500, every time that Toyota Camry comes off the corner with Kyle Busch driving it, it’s going to be bright green and it’s gonna represent the return of Crispy. So we’re excited about that and I’m excited to be part of the M&M’S team.

You’re an absolute titan in two of the biggest sports in North America, in the NFL and NASCAR. It’s almost like you’ve lived two different lives, really. What’s it been like for you?

I realize I’m one of the most fortunate people in the world. Because rarely does anybody get to have a dream as an occupation, and I’ve had two of them. It’s a thrill for me. I know how fortunate I am and I appreciate being a part of two great sports.

And what I’ve found, is they are very similar, football and racing. Amazingly, they’re almost exactly the same because it’s what? It’s people. It’s picking people, putting them on a team and getting them to sacrifice their individual goals for the goals of the team. It’s teamwork. And that’s a big part of life. I’m thrilled to be a part of the M&M’S team and it’s a thrill for us to race in a place like the Daytona 500 this Sunday.

Can you talk about (former Redskins and Lakers owner) Jack Kent Cooke and what it was like to work with him? 

Mr. Cooke I think was a great owner, and for this reason: Many times he had a strong opinion. He’d stick that finger out and say, “You need to do this.” But what he always said before I left the meeting was, “But it’s gotta be your decision; you decide.” Many times, if I did something and it turned out to be he was correct, he’d definitely let me hear about it. But Mr. Cooke always said to me,  “It’s gotta be your decision; you make the decision.”

The other thing about Mr. Cooke, he was always at his best when things were at their worst. He would come in, he would visit me, I figured he was going to be upset when we’d be going through a bad streak of losses and he would say to me, “Hey Joe, we’re going up and we’re going down together.” He had a favorite saying: “I’m going to lay down and bleed a while, and then we’re gonna get up and fight again.” He was special, I think, for me, just like Dan Snyder was the second go-around for me. I had two great owners.

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Video interview with Stephen Curry on All-Star Weekend, John Wall and Degree’s “Battle of the Game Changers”

Stephen Curry and John Wall had a heated Twitter exchange over the weekend, leading to a showdown on Saturday, February 14th, during NBA All-Star Practice where Curry and Wall will go shot-for-shot in the Degree Battle of the Game Changers.

We spoke to Steph about his career, how to shoot 90% from the free throw line and how to impress babes by slathering your entire body in Degree DrySpray.

Fans will help play a role in determining who is crowned the Ultimate Game Changer by voting on one of the shots the two All-Stars will attempt in the battle

Starting Monday, February 9 fans can vote at

While Curry and Wall are sinking shots on the court, they’ll be protected by the new game changing Degree Dry Spray Antiperspirant, the new way to get superior protection. It goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel without visible residue.

Using the Degree signature MOTIONSENSE Technology, Dry Spray provides the superior 48-hour odor and wetness protection that these competitors will need throughout NBA All-Star Weekend.


Bad Lip Reading – NFL edition

The folks from Bad Lip Reading are back with this hilarious spoof the the NFL.


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