A Sorento Adventure: NBA Playoffs, headbands and bank shots


Kia offered us the opportunity to see two NBA playoff games between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls, with the road trip from Cleveland to Chicago in the all-new 2016 Kia Sorento sandwiched in between. Naturally we said yes and needless to say it was quite an adventure! (Read more about our impressions of the Kia Sorento here).

It all got started in Cleveland will some amazing floor seats just behind the Cavs bench. Right away we had a buzz-worthy story as Lebron was introduced wearing his signature headband which he had discarded earlier this season. But after a game one thrashing at the hands of the Bulls, Lebron felt the need to go back to the headband to revive his game, which seemed silly in many ways until the game started and the Cavs jumped out to an early lead.

As a Cavs fan the entire experience was pretty amazing. It started as I checked in to the Hyatt located in the historic Arcade in downtown Cleveland.


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Riding shotgun with Speed Stick driver Cole Whitt and Playboy’s April Rose at Talladega


Confidence opens doors that nothing else can. But confidence can also be misplaced. How do you know if the shirt you’re wearing is completely ridiculous until you actually wear it outside the house? Thanks to Speed Stick, at least I had confidence in my underarm scent.

But confidence was definitely not lacking for driver Cole Whitt. Even though Front Row Motorsports is at a distinct disadvantage, operating on one-eighth the budget of its competitors and Whitt’s highest previous finishing position this season a modest 22nd, Whitt was ready.

A Top 20 finish at Talladega would’ve meant a lot, as Cole explains in our interview below, shot immediately before the race. But Whitt was able to #DefyTheDoubt and lead the entire field with under 40 laps remaining en route to his best performance this season. Speed Stick is all about giving you confidence for the moment you shut down the naysayers, as Whitt did finishing a career-best 13th in the race.

I got a little excited during my interview, and it isn’t completely my fault – there’s so much energy at a NASCAR race, it permeates the grounds and is as real as the guy with the Dale Jr. shirt on next to you.

There is no other major sport that allows fans’ access the way NASCAR does. No one is too big or too important. The mix of American pride and Bible Belt-bred Christianity adds two additional layers that don’t exist north of the Mason-Dixon.

That ethos permeates the grounds and is exemplified in a myriad of ways, from the ease in dealing with on-site officials, to the random mix of cool people you meet while watching the race, to the drivers themselves.

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Saturday offers so many options for sports fanatics

Flickr 14130332164_84228075d2_z By Bill Brine
Image courtesy of Bill Brine via Flickr

May is here, finally, and the sports calendar is starting to really get packed with plenty of options for the die-hard sports fan. But for you couch potatoes out there, today offers so many options you could spend the whole day lounging around with your beer and Fritos as you enjoy some of your favorite sports and sporting events. We have THE classic horse race, day 3 of the NFL draft, a potentially epic game 7 in the NBA playoffs and the rare occurrence of a boxing fight that everyone is talking about.

Horse racing may be dying a slow death, but the Kentucky Derby always gets everyone excited again, even if it’s just for a few minutes. If you ever get the opportunity to go the Churchill Downs, make sure you take advantage of it. You love the race and all the southern belles all deck out in their sundresses and pretty hats. But naturally you can enjoy this on your couch as well. You can even mix yourself a special drink like The Grandstand Julip featured this week by Bob Westal.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, as the race doesn’t go off until 6:24 PM EST and most of us won’t be wasting our time with the hours of pre-race hype.

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Can Andy Murray regain the world number one spot?

Andy Murray has struggled with injuries over the last 18 months but the British number one has shown signs that he is returning to form. The Scot, who recently married long term partner Kim Sears, is looking to regain the world number one spot from Novak Djokovic but may need to win at least one of this year’s Grand Slams in order to achieve this goal. We take a look at Murray’s season so far and discuss whether or not he can win one of the upcoming majors and regain the world number one spot.

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Watching College Hoops in Vegas with Rip Hamilton – What could be better?

You know spring has arrived when everyone starts filling out their college basketball brackets and tries to figure out ways to sneak out of work to catch the first games on Thursday and Friday. Who knows? Maybe all the snow that’s piled up across the country may have even melted by then!

That won’t be a problem in Las Vegas, of course. Vegas has always been one of the best spots to enjoy the college basketball tournament frenzy during that first weekend.

A few select guys will have their own memorable experience watching the tournament on Friday in Las Vegas with Rip Hamilton courtesy of Gillette Clear Gel. We all remember Rip winning basketball championships during his college and pro days, and he’ll be hosting a viewing party with Gillette Clear Gel on Friday, March 20th at The Ainsworth in Las Vegas. Those lucky guys attending will have the chance to watch the game with Rip while receiving miscellaneous perks throughout the game.

Gillette Clear Gel boasts no odor and wetness protection for up to 48 hours, so these guys will be able to put the product to the test as they experience the frenzy of the tournament in Sin City!

Every year, the tournament offers plenty of great storylines, though we often don’t know what they’ll be ahead of time. Stars are made year after year in this tournament and it’s usually impossible to predict which team will get hot and destroy everyone’s bracket. Last year’s national champs were the underdogs and were still able to rise to the top and pull off a miracle finish.

Speaking of this year’s top dog, we do know that they will be a major story this year after going undefeated during the regular season, which is appropriate for Friday’s viewing party, as Gillette is featuring its “Undefeated” Clear Gel product pictured above. I’ve had plenty of experiences in Vegas where I could have used that level of protection!

While the top seed will be the team to beat, there are plenty of other teams hoping that one superstar can carry them to glory.

So the drama begins on Thursday and Friday, and Rip and the Gillette Clear Gel gang will have quite a party to enjoy it. We’ll report back on how it all went.

Editor’s Note: This post has been brought to you by Gillette Clear Gel. Boasting no odor and wetness protection for up to 48 hours, it’s sure to keep you dry throughout the frenzy of the tournament!


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