Crown Royal YHNH program kicks off this weekend!


Bullz-Eye participated in the Capture the Crown fun-filled weekend at the Crown Royal Brickyard 400 last year, and what
made that experience so special was honoring a true hero and their family. And now, you get a chance to nominate this year’s hero, which the race will be named after in 2014.

As the cars roll into Phoenix this weekend at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race, the search for the namesake of the 2014 Brickyard 400 will officially launch, with the help of Packages From Home. The local non-profit organization, dedicated to sending care packages to active-duty troops stationed overseas, has teamed up with Crown Royal to kick off the brand’s “Your Hero’s Name Here” program, which honors a deserving American hero by re-naming the July NASCAR race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in his or her honor.

Packages From Home and Crown Royal will treat a group of local heroes from Luke Air Force Base to a VIP experience at this weekend’s NASCAR race. In addition to sending 20 military members to the race, two individuals are being recognized as the inaugural program nominees and will have the chance to have the legendary Indianapolis race named in their honor.

Consumers 21+ can visit to nominate their own heroes for a chance to win naming rights to the race. Nominations will be accepted through April 13th, with finalists being announced at the end of April.


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Reebok Classic announces the limited edition “Banner Question” sneaker for March 14th release

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PHILADELPHIA, PA - FEBRUARY 28: NBA player Allen Iverson reveals The Reebok Classic "Banner Question" at Mitchell & Ness on February 28, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Reebok)

How good was A.I. in his prime? Love him or hate him, Allen Iverson provided once-in-a-lifetime moments and that is a call for celebration. And once-in-a-lifetime athletes call for recognition.

Reebok Classic congratulates Allen Iverson on a memorable career that has earned him respect and recognition among the greats. Allen Iverson’s legacy will now live on high above the court where he first made his NBA debut in 1996 wearing the iconic Question Mid.

In honor of Allen Iverson’s jersey retirement, Reebok Classic memorializes a legendary athlete with an unforgettable iteration of the Question Mid. No detail was overlooked in creating a ceremonial version of this classic silhouette, from the custom sock liner to the jersey fabric upper.

Only 1996 numbered pairs of the Banner Question will be released on March 14th at select retailers nationwide for $160. Official retailers will be announced during the Sixers retirement ceremony on March 1st, so stay tuned on where to grab a pair.

Allen Iverson said, “Words cannot express what it means to have the 76ers organization retire my jersey. And to have Reebok make the Banner Question that’s symbolic of this event makes it even more special. The Sixers and Reebok are two partners that have always had my back and for that I’m forever grateful.”


Packers Clay Matthews talks Campbell’s Chunky Soup, his badass DNA and great hair


Clay Matthews could definitely steal my girlfriend and probably yours too, bud. Upon scheduling this interview, my girlfriend did a quick Google search to put a face with the name.

As images of “The Clay Maker” flipped across her iPhone, she said, “Wow. This guy is a complete stud.” The accompanying far away look in her eyes told me all I needed to know; that if given the chance, she would shed me the way Matthews sheds opposing double teams.

Aside from getting the ladies flustered off the field, Matthews has established himself as the best pass rusher in the NFL, thanks to a successful start to his career that rivals any linebacker in NFL history.

In five seasons, Matthews has made the Pro Bowl four times, been selected as an All-Pro twice, been named NFC Defensive Player of the Year in 2010 and won Super Bowl XLV.

I was fortunate to speak with Clay about his career, his lineage and the Campbell’s Chunky “Sacks for Soup” campaign.

Talk about the partnership with Campbell’s Chunky Soup.

For the past year I teamed up with Campbell’s Chunky and created the “Sacks for Soup” campaign. For every sack that I was able to get last year, Campbell’s Chunky donated 2,000 cans of soup; 1,000 to a local Green Bay food bank and another 1,000 to the opposing team’s city. To date, we’ve donated over 40,000 cans of Chunky soup. For every sack, they also donated $1,000, so we were able to get around up to $20,000 for my foundation (CM3 Charitable Fund), so it’s been a fantastic campaign; one that not only provides for myself, but gives back in the process of doing so.

What’s your favorite kind?

My favorite kind thanks to the Green Bay weather and obviously a play on the Packers is the Hearty Cheeseburger. They’re all fantastic, so it’s hard to choose, but just like on the commercial, I like the Clam Chowder and the Spicy Quesadilla as well. They’re all really good, so I have to say all three.

I thought they’d make you a special kind called “Bear Chunks” for the way you’ve annihilated Chicago Bears quarterbacks in your career.

I’m willing to try! I don’t know if it would be a big seller, but I’d be all for it.

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Show Your Support to Team USA at the Winter Olympic Games


The Olympics are finally here and there are plenty of things to cheer about with Team USA. American snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg won the country’s first gold medal of the Sochi Olympics in the men’s slopestyle and then Jamie Anderson won gold in the same event for women. The slopestyle event in snowboarding is brand new to the Olympics this year and is bound to become one of the more popular events as it’s very entertaining.

Unfortunately, Shaun White came up short in his snowboarding event as he finished 4th in men’s halfpipe, though he has so much to be proud of in his career. He won gold in this event in the 2010 and 2006 Olympic games. It shows how competitive the Olympics can be, and how we can be proud of our athletes even when they come up short. Just getting to the games is a huge achievement after years of training, and that applies to returning champions like White along with those who have worked so hard to get to their first Olympics.

AT&T has launched a campaign that helps fans show support to Team USA athletes for their dedication and commitment during the Olympic games. They’ve created the #ItsOurTime app that allows users to create video messages of encouragement to Team USA athletes and inspire them during their quest for victory. Check out how you can download the app here at (also here) and see the messages left by fans with their own USA! chant, and then upload your own message. It’s cool to see so many people participating and sending personal messages.

Let the athletes hear you loud and clear!

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Most Memorable Hockey Fights in History

hockey fight

Fistfights on the ice are almost a quintessential part of any hockey game. When a couple of guys (or girls!) lose it in the emotion of the game and start pounding away at each other, fans get caught up in the brawling, and sports highlights reels spin. Take a recent example — when the Vancouver Canucks played the L.A. Kings on January 13, 2014, Canuck Tom Sestito started punching Jordan Nolan of the Kings right after the faceoff. Sestito’s one second of play generated 27-minutes-worth of penalties, earned him the designation “Worst Sports Person in the World” from ESPN’s Keith Olbermann and started a much-watched Twitter fight between Olbermann and Sestito’s 13-year-old sister, Victoria.

Ten former NHL players, including former All-Star Gary Leeman, have sued the NHL for failing to educate them and to prevent recurring concussions. Despite the danger of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and the deaths of multiple players from the head trauma-induced disorder, hockey fisticuffs are unlikely to stop anytime soon. There’s not enough room to recap every hockey fight in history, but NHL fans should remember at least a few of these memorable clashes. Grab your favorite team’s gear and get excited for the next match.

Bob Probert and Tie Domi — 1992

Bob Probert was one of hockey’s most seasoned fighters, and he probably didn’t believe that the much-shorter Tie Domi would be much of a match for him. Domi dangled the gloves first, but he waited until Probert made the first move. In the beginning, Probert and Domi’s fight didn’t pack much punch; Domi was too short to reach Probert with his left, and Probert kept hitting Domi’s helmet with his right. Then, Probert pulled Domi in, and Domi landed two fast punches that opened a four-stitch cut over Probert’s right eye. The two continued to struggle, with Probert entangled in his own ripped sweater, until the refs finally broke up the fight. As Domi skated toward the penalty box, he put on an imaginary championship belt to the delight of the 22,000-strong crowd.

Stan Jonathan and Pierre Bouchard — 1978

Jonathan was six inches shorter than Bouchard and 30 pounds lighter, and at first, fans thought Jonathan didn’t have a chance. However, because of his ability to duck Bouchard’s punches, Jonathan soon gained the upper hand. He delivered a right to Bouchard’s forehead and then a nasty left overhand punch to Bouchard’s nose, sending the big man down onto the ice with blood squirting out of his nose. Bouchard had prevailed over Dave Schultz, Ted Irvine and Wayne Cashman on the ice, but he couldn’t defeat Stan Jonathan, who had the bulldog defensive moves of a professional boxer.

Bob Probert and Craig Coxe — 1987

Probert and Coxe were both huge guys, and during the game, they threw off their gloves and started wailing each other with punches. After the fight had gone on for about 40 seconds, Probert looked like he’d had enough. However, he grabbed the back of Coxe’s jersey and started pummeling him with heavy-fisted rights from behind before the refs pulled Coxe away. Tragically, Bob Probert died at the age of 45 in 2010. Postmortem examination showed signs of CTE.

Scott Stevens and Dave Manson — 1991

In the fight known as the “St. Patrick’s Day Massacre,” the Blackhawks and Blues were milling around the St. Louis net when the players started pairing up to duke it out. Big defenders Scott Stevens and Dave Manson skated away from the crowd to center ice, where Manson delivered a series of rights that left Stevens staggering and bleeding around his left eye. Stevens had been instigating fights all night, and the announcers and fans agreed that he deserved a righteous beatdown. Both teams were fined $10,000, and a total of 12 players were ejected from the game.

Flyers and Canadiens — 1987

Four players were on the ice before Game 6 of the Wales Conference when Claude Lemieux shot a puck into Philadelphia’s goal. Hospodar went after him, and both teams piled onto the ice. Dave Brown even ran out of the locker room without his shirt on and started hammering Chris Nilan. Hospodar was suspended for the rest of the playoffs, and the NHL initiated an automatic $10,000 fine and a 10-game ban for players that cleared the benches to fight. Coaches were also fined if they failed to control their players, and the new restrictions dampened most players’ enthusiasm for bench clearing.

Image by Les Stockton from Flickr Creative Commons

About the author: Blake Hollande lives in Quebec City and is an insatiable hockey fan.


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