What’s new with the online bookmakers

In places like the UK, gone are the days of trekking to bookie shops to place a bet on your favorite teams. Today, you can simply navigate to any of the latest betting sites or use your favorite betting app to place a bet from the comfort and safety of home, office or even while commuting. (Will we ever get this in the US?) Still, with so many possibilities to choose from, where can you begin? Here’s a list of some online bookmakers that Brits can enjoy:

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Tips on Decking Out Your Bachelor Pad for Summer Celebrations

If this is the year that you’ve been asked to have your friends over to your condo for the upcoming summer holidays, don’t wait until the last minute scrambling for festive and hip home decor. The main goal is to impress your guests, and even your date, but not go overboard. Here are just a few ways that you can add some classy looks and homey touches to your place before the guests arrive.

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The Best Headphone Features for a Long Commute

We’ve all been there. At the end of a long day, you climb into your transportation mode of choice, ready to be done with the world and everyone in it until you have to wake up and face the daily grind all over again the next day. The time you spend going to and from work can be just as stressful as being at work itself, which is why it can be so important to have reliable methods of escaping the commotion around you. Choosing the right set of headphones can make all of the difference between a blissful ride back and a ride that leaves you wanting to tear your hair out.

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Drink of the Week: A Postcard from the Edge (2017 TCM Fest Salute #2)

A Postcard from the Edge.Last year, as we all know, wasn’t so great, and I’m not sure that any of us know what to make of this one. But in a year full of public tragedy and disaster, the saddest purely show business moment of 2016 for many of us was the back-to-back passings of Carrie Fisher and her legendary mother Debbie Reynolds. So it made a lot of sense that TCM Fest 2017 featured a number of Reynolds’ films and one written by Fisher.

1990’s “Postcards from the Edge” is a reportedly loose adaptation of Carrie Fisher’s own 1987 novel and is a fairly direct semi-fictionalization of her own struggles with multi-substance addiction, debatable romantic choices, and life itself. Directed by Mike Nichols, it’s a solid piece of inside-Hollywood comedy on the precipice of tragedy in which a working actress (Meryl Streep) tries to check out of rehab and back into some kind of emotional stability. Standing in the way is whatever it was that was making her drug herself to oblivion in the first place and her own loving but overly complex relationship with her formidable Hollywood legend of a mom (Shirley MacLaine).

The movie does a solid job of bringing the sun-dappled, stress-filled world of workaday Hollywood to life, even if it only hints at the mental health demons that Carrie Fisher would later discuss in admirably frank detail. It’s also not afraid to make drinking look pretty fun. After all, no one would develop a problem with the stuff if it wasn’t so damned attractive.

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Four Car Designs That Reflect America

You can tell a lot about the past if you look at the styling of the objects made. The styling of American automobiles is a good example. Automobile designs reflect the mode and culture of the different eras they were designed in. For example, the rounded bodies of 1940s cars were a deliberate rejection of the antiquated angular designs of the 1930s cars; the elevated tail fins of the 1950s cars reflected America’s fascination with aircraft and space travel; and the beefy muscle cars of the 1960s illustrated the passion that car buyers were developing for raw performance. With help from Hoffman Automotive of Hagerstown, a local Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealer in Hagerstown, MD, we survey a few interesting examples of cars that really represent the feelings of the times.

1948 Tucker – In the 1930s, cars were becoming faster and more powerful, and this led to more people were being hurt and killed in car accidents. Detroit’s car makers did little to make their vehicles safer because, frankly, there weren’t federal regulations and car buyers weren’t demanding it. Then in the early ’40s, a forward-thinking automotive designer named Preston Tucker decided that he could build “a safer car” and had a hunch that it was what car buyers wanted.

In 1945, Tucker founded Tucker Motors to make his safety cars. The first step was to secure funding, and he used some rather creative techniques to do so. For example, he sold dealerships to those who wanted to carry the Tucker line, and it came with promises of tremendous profits. After monitoring this interesting sales technique for a while, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) jumped in and shut Tucker down in 1948. The result was that Tucker built just 51 cars before the company went silent.

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