Top 5 Reasons Women Get Breast Augmentation

When we think about breast augmentation or breast implants, we often think about sexy actresses from movies or TV, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and women who get a lot of attention from strangers in public. And while this is a real and legitimate motivation for some women to get breast implants, there are a lot more reasons why someone might opt for breast augmentation surgery. We’ll talk about five of them here, just to show that there are actually other good reasons women may decide to talk to their doctor about their options.

1) Clothes Fit. There is a lot of variation in women’s bodies, but you wouldn’t think so after looking at the clothes that get sold through American retailers. These clothes are made to fit “the average woman,” and they tend to reward those with breasts on the larger size. Breast augmentation can give a woman the chest she needs for clothes to fit off the rack without having to be expensively altered. Women naturally want their clothes to fit well. Breast implants can make an excellent fit a natural part of everyday life.

2) Confidence. Some women feel that their breasts don’t amplify their confidence. Whether they’re too big, too small or too unsymmetrical, women’s relationships with their breasts are complicated. Breast augmentation can give a woman the breasts she always wanted and can increase her confidence.

3) Pain and Discomfort. Some breasts are large and heavy enough to cause discomfort for the woman who owns them. If you have back pain or tendonitis resulting from a large load up front, breast reduction surgery can make an amazing difference. This is also a great opportunity for women to get their breasts molded to exactly the size and shape that will look best. Different body frames carry different size breasts most effectively.

4) Advancement. Breast size and shape is associated with different receptions from the people around you, no matter whether you like that this is the case or not. Breasts are associated with power and competence, and size can have an impact on the way your career goes. More than one woman has found that a change in breast size is associated with advancement in her career, and you might find that the same is true. Breast implants for career is a conversation that’s not going away.

5) Sex Appeal. Obviously, breasts have a role in sex and attraction. Some women feel that their natural breasts aren’t giving them the opportunities they’d like to have in this regard. Breast implants are more affordable and better looking than ever before, so if you’d like to make some changes to your love life, consider this option.

There are plenty of ways that breasts impact success, self-esteem and health. With so many benefits to be derived from a change to a woman’s breasts, it’s obvious why many women consider their options. Many who make these changes are very glad they did so, even months and years after the fact. Of course, this is not a necessary procedure, and many women learn to accept their bodies.