Some Countries Where Gambling is Forbidden

Unlucky as it may sound, there are countries in the world that still live behind the barriers of gambling restrictions. Instead of encouraging safer platforms for people to take part in wagering, or controlling the venues for betting to impose reliability, they simply just restrict it. Just as it has continually been repeated in history, the measures these countries take to put penalties on the individuals caught breaking these laws or the casino operators and betting halls don’t seem to be effective.

It’s quiet enough for most players in regions that support gambling or those who could just visit the Casinon Svenska list 2017 to enjoy their favorite games, but what happens when you’re traveling to other areas? I’s necessary to get acquainted with the local regulations in order to stay out of trouble.

Some Betting Restricted Countries in the Middle East

The Middle East is a zone that strongly believes in Sharia law, which views gambling as a great sin. Though there are a few regions that allow some kind of bets on races, it is healthier to stay away from all practices of betting when in this region. Even though some parts like Qatar and Kuwait do not publicly state the penalty for betting, it was rumoured that at least one bettor got decapitated sometime in 2011. Take Thailand for example, where you would be prosecuted for even owning a deck of playing cards, showing just how strict the gambling prohibition is here. Let’s look at some places that have better-defined laws and make them known:

– Hong Kong: There are limited methods of gambling approved in this region under several conditions. This means it is very important to confirm thoroughly if you must place wagers in this part of the world because there is a $30,000 fine and 9 months imprisonment for those found guilty of breaking the laws.

– China: There are certain forms of gambling that are permitted, but with several heavy restrictions. It is reported that it is rare for a casual gambler to get in any trouble, but one that makes a living from gambling faces the risk of three-year imprisonment and an undisclosed sum of money as a fine.

– Japan: There are also certain permitted gambling modes in this part of the world, but be careful not to get mixed up with the prohibited ones. This might land you a penalty of up to $80,000 and almost three years in prison.

– Taiwan: Gambling is banned in general, but there are some cases that are allowed. If you get caught placing wagers in this part of the world, the authorities will impound all of the funds present at the scene and you will be asked to pay a penalty of about 3000 yuan with a risk of facing about three years in prison.

– Vietnam: There are several forms of penalties depending on the total sum of money you win or lose for gambling in this place. For instance, winning or losing 10 million dong might cost you a fine of about 6 million dong abd a prison term of about three to seven years.

This is unlike the easy access players enjoy at Comeon Casino (click here to begin playing. We can see that the gambling restrictions are somewhat complicated and unclear in several countries, which is a good reason to stay away from these zones or avoid gambling when there.