10 Guilty Pleasures Every Man Has

The definition of a guilty pleasure is something that we enjoy but think others won’t approve of or hold in high regard. Along the way, society has begun to embrace the idea of guilty pleasures and even cater to them. Women have all sorts of admitted guilty pleasures. We men have them too; we just don’t admit them as openly. However, there are 10 things nearly all men would consider a guilty pleasure.

A Good Smoke

For many centuries, across many cultures, smoking has been a social activity for men. We gather together and talk over a nice relaxing smoke that the woman in our life wouldn’t approve of whatsoever. But that’s what makes it a guilty pleasure. Whether it’s a cigar or premium vape juice, a good smoke is an indulgence no man would turn down.

A Good Cocktail

Beer may be your go-to beverage, but every now and then, the occasion calls for a stiff cocktail. Technically, any mixed drink is a cocktail, but those aren’t necessarily a special indulgence. Going all out with a craft cocktail that uses premium ingredients will make you appreciate the artistry of bar tending.

A Good Shave

There’s nothing quite like a shave from a professional who knows what they’re doing and has a selection of high-end products. A classic barbershop shave that includes a hot towel steam, shave and facial hair maintenance is a luxury every man should experience at least once in life.

A Good Facial

Did you know most spa facials involve a head, face and/or shoulder massage? No wonder women love splurging on them. The key is to find a spa that customizes the treatment. A good facial should be tailored to your exact skin type and needs. It’s 30-60 minutes of relaxation; looking better afterwards is a bonus.

A Good Movie

“The Fast and the Furious,” “Taken,” “Star Wars,” the latest Tom Cruise or Nic Cage mid-life crisis action hero flick – these are a guy’s guilty pleasure movie picks. Going to the movies alone is underrated. There’s no concession on which movie to watch, limitations on when you go and it’s half the price. Guys that know how to treat themselves won’t stop at the movie selection. They’ll watch the latest blockbuster at an upscale theater that offers leather recliners and drinks during the show.

A Good Home-Cooked Meal

This isn’t just any home-cooked meal. It’s one that you make for yourself. Admit it: You like popping open a bottle of red wine and tapping into your inner Gordon Ramsey. Of course, something involving a thick cut of rib eye will be on the menu. Make it a meal for two and you can win brownie points with your lady.

A Good Suit

When you slip into a perfectly tailored, well-made suit, the world of formal attire just makes sense. You don’t want to do through the hassle on a daily basis, but for a special event, it’s nice to get dressed up. Plus, the ladies like a gentleman that puts a little effort into his appearance.

A Good Pair of Dress Shoes

Let’s face it: Crappy, cheap dress shoes aren’t worth the pain and suffering. Believe it or not, there are comfortable, good looking dress shoes in every style, and they’re worth the investment. It’s one of the few accessories that most men will put thought into before buying. Men love buying kicks so much that men’s footwear sales rose by 8% in 2014.

A Good Accessory

Men don’t usually fuss over accessories, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that we all wear at least a few. They are carefully selected and mostly have a purpose beyond aesthetics. For instance, a watch is a classic man accessory that shows off a sense of style while still being practical.

Most men rarely shop for accessories, so when the need arises, make the most of it by trying on options in person and getting the help of a retail assistant. You can always comparison shop online after you know what you want.

A Good Video Game

Maybe it’s the kid inside all of us who grew up with an original Nintendo or Sony PlayStation, but you never outgrow video games. The impressive quality of game technology is reason enough to keep gaming. A good video game can provide hours of entertainment, even if your 10-year-old can now school you.