Scientists Discover the Nature of Luck

Today marks five years since my friend Joe got a job offer in Canberra. It wasn’t an easy decision for him to make since it would mean leaving his family, friends and two dogs behind as he traveled to work on the other side of the world.

All it took was a few weeks for his life to be changed. He decided to take a walk around his new neighborhood on a sunny Sunday morning when a blue fitted shirt caught his eye through the window of a shop along the road. He walked in, tried it on and liked it so much that he had to wear the shirt right away.

As he walked down the street, a young man asked him where he got the shirt and that was all they needed to start talking. It was surprising that this dude, Ken, was also English and just moved to Canberra a couple of months earlier. Joe said, and I quote, “We were caught in the middle of a busy street talking and even as the people passing by kept bumping into us, we couldn’t stop chatting because we had a lot in common.” Joe was happy to make an English friend on the other side of the world, but that was just the start of his good luck. Ken, fortunately, was on his way to meet some friends, and he immediately insisted that Joe come along. It wasn’t a very difficult decision for Joe because he didn’t mind the company and a good conversation.

He was introduced to some of Ken’s friends at the restaurant and there was an angel called Kate. Joe didn’t need much time to know she was the one. They moved in together a couple of months later and got married after a year. Joe still lives in Canberra with Kate and Clara, their daughter, who is now 16 months old.

One of his favorite jokes to this day is that the secret to finding friends, love and happiness is to put on a cool, blue fitted shirt. However, it appears that the secret of happiness is to recognize opportunities that come your way in life and to welcome serendipity.

Are you one of those that believe it takes luck to play free mobile slots and win real money? Most wise men confess that they were never luckier when making decisions but simply faster in spotting and seizing chances.

Serendipity itself is defined as an opportunity that one experiences unknowingly and leads to amazing conclusions that might change one’s life. Many of the essential discoveries in the world might not be possible if not for serendipity.

Some might ask why such fortunate accidents happen to some certain people and not to others. Is there a way to learn how to identify serendipity when it comes and make sure it works to your advantage?

What lucky people have in common: opportunity & action

The University College London assigned a project to find answers to questions like these. They requested people to submit several stories that are related to luck so that they could study patterns in the experiences of people. Well, how would you connect the story of a 91-year-old woman that had her dream of riding a motorbike come true after a conversation with a stranger in a café with the story of a woman that found the love of her life after hopping on the wrong bus?

Both of these stories have two things in common, which is that these people recognised the opportunity being presented to them and then took the chance by making a move. Are you looking for an online live casino in the UK? Well, you necessarily don’t need to be lucky for this. You can ensure that you make the best of your time at an online casino by selecting a reliable one in the first place.