Grooming Guide: Tips to Pair Different Shirts with a Grey Suit

A grey suit is definitely a valuable addition to your wardrobe. Just like your black and navy suits, you can use it at all the major occasions to create the right personality and leave a long-lasting impression.

To get the best out of your grey suit, you need to wear the right shirt. But then, grey suits are available in different shades. We consider anything that falls between white and black as grey, which leaves us with different options. You can find a light grey, dark grey, mid-grey, charcoal, stone or steel shaded ones. Whatever shade you choose, a grey suit will make you look stylish. If you have fair skin, you can go for lighter shades; otherwise, go for darker shades.

Grey suit with white shirt

A grey suit with a white shirt creates a classic look. It gives out a fresh look, especially when you have a crisp white shirt like the one from Marks & Spencer. You can easily pair a white shirt with any shade of grey suit, but the lighter ones can make an amazing summer suiting choice. If you want to get the right formal look, pair your grey suit and white shirt with a black tie. Trust me, you cannot stop complimenting yourself!

Grey suit with blue shirt

Just like a white shirt combination, a blue shirt also makes you look stylish and fresh. You can easily match a blue shirt with different hues of grey suits. A blue shirt helps you to bring out the blue tone in your grey suit and even helps you develop a cool appearance. For daytime events, pairing your grey suit with lighter shades can let you get the ultimate look.

Grey suit with navy shirt

If lighter shades of blue go well with lighter shades of grey suits, then the navy blue ones are just right for darker grey suits. Dark hues or charcoal grey suits along with navy blue shirts are just right for winter. To complete the look, you can go for a pair of black formal shoes for all formal occasions. For a casual look, you can go with sneakers and replace your darker suit with a mid-grey one. You can have the complete look in your budget with Dealslands.

Grey suit with black shirt

If it is formal, there is no better combination than a grey suit paired with a black shirt. This combination creates the right balance between the dark and light shades. If you don’t have a black suit, then the next best option you have is a grey suit. Even though you can try any combination, the best one is created when you have a suit with darker or charcoal shades of grey.

Grey suit with pink shirt

If you are not the kind of the person who loves a white shirt or if it makes you feel bored, you can add a pinch of color to it with a pink shirt. The combination will make you feel cool as well as help to create a contrasting look. You can easily create a stylish appearance by pairing a light pink shirt with a light grey suit.

So, if you have any plans to buy a grey suit, don’t worry about the color of your shirt. Pair different shirt shades together and see how amazing you look.