3 Everyday Experiences That are Almost Too Satisfying

What does an “experience” mean? By definition, it’s something that happens to you that leaves an impression. Today, the term “experience” is used in relation to almost everything, from shaving to theme parks, usually with the goal of selling something great and unique. So many have started to follow the example of Apple, the company stressing that it sells “experiences, not products,” that the word has become hackneyed, banal and boring. At the same time, all the marketing effort put into our experiencing the products around us that we forgot how great our everyday encounters with trivial things can be. As you’ll see below, there’s no need to spend a fortune or travel halfway around the world to experience something great; it’s enough to observe the small things around you in your everyday life.


One of the surprisingly satisfying experiences one can have in everyday life is your first sip of beer, especially when truly thirsty. The common name for this experience is “beergasm,” and those who experience it routinely will know why. It has an incredible intensity, combining taste, smell, sight and refreshing temperature along with the texture of the foam that comes with it. No other drink, carbonated or otherwise, can match the first sip of one’s favorite beer on a hot summer day.

Beergasm is a combination of intense psychological and physical stimuli, and it has most likely a lot to do with a properly poured glass of beer. A properly poured glass of beer has a head (a layer of foam) between 1- and 1.5-inch thick. It contains all the aromatic compounds of the beer, yet their intensity is strengthened by the CO2 that gets released. The foamy texture of the head adds a familiar and positive element to the mix.

A game

Every day, we are surrounded by games and ads about games that we should play wherever we are. Most of these games are made using tried-and-tested recipes with new and unique forms hardly ever seeing the light of day. There’s one game, though, that you most likely won’t see an ad about (at least not where you usually do), as it is one of those Online Casino Wild Jacks that you can play for real money. It’s called “Castle Builder II,” and it’s set to be released at the Wild Jack in a few weeks.

You might think it’s more of the same – after all, the Wild Jack is filled with games that are a bit too similar to each other. “Castle Builder II” will in turn, be incredibly satisfying to play, as it will shift focus from the usual goal of these games (gather coins) toward building castles. Basically, it takes the best of two worlds – slot machines and social games – and combines them in a way that will truly glue you to the screen for hours. Although it’s not released yet (not worldwide, that is, as it is already available through an Austrian gaming portal), it is obvious that it will be the best game the Wild Jack has ever released.

You won’t know how oddly satisfying it is until you give it a try, free of charge, of course.


Last but not least, something we do every day without even knowing that it makes us feel good: stretching. After a longer period of inactivity, you start to feel the need to stretch – when you finally give in, you’re guaranteed to feel relieved.

As you might expect, there’s a scientific explanation for why stretching after a long day in front of the desk feels so good. During long periods of inactivity, your muscles will start to build up waste, which will reduce the ability of blood to circulate inside them. As a result, they begin to feel stiff, sore, tight and even painful. Once you stretch, the blood starts circulating normally inside your muscles, easing the tension, which leads to a loose and relaxed feeling.


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