Why to consider Mozilla as your browser

There is a never-ending battle on the internet with three major competitors, and that is the fight to be the best browser. While Microsoft have been arguably beaten to third place, Edge has made something of a comeback with Windows 10. However, the big two are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Here is our argument as to why Mozilla Firefox is the best browser.


While Mozilla does share a similar design to Google Chrome, it has some little added features that make it stand out. This includes better design choices around the tabs, making them easier to read and a focus on usability over looking good.

A Speedier Fox

There is a reason the fox was used for Mozilla’s logo and that’s because of the focus on speed. The browser was designed from the ground up to provide the user with speed, and also just as importantly, not being memory hungry. Leave Google Chrome open a few hours and you’ll see that the use of memory can be high. Thankfully, you won’t have that issue with Mozilla.


The add-ons available for your browser can be a lifesaver. They are designed to save you time and make browsing the Internet easier and safer. From add-ons like Web of Trust (WOT) that keeps you safe, to the ever popular AdBlocker, we all have our favorite add-ons, and Mozilla gives us easy access to them.

Syncing Between Browsers

One important aspect of browsing on the internet is the ability to move from device to device and keep your browser preferences. Mozilla does this in a way that is not only easy to use but seamless as well. If you were reading a webpage on your tablet and then move to your desktop PC, you’ll see that the same page is open there. Little touches like these are what make Mozilla stand out as the best browser on the web.

We all have our own preferred browser. In our argument as to why Mozilla is the best, we have given our opinion on what really makes the browser stand out for users. In the end, you may be a Google Chrome user who doesn’t agree with what we’ve said, and that’s okay. Just be sure to use the browser that fits your needs and that will be the best one for you. Still, Mozilla is definitely one to consider.