Top apps for learning new skills

Whether you want to know how to fix something around the home or you want to learn how to develop websites, technology has made it possible for you to do this using merely a smartphone. It is pretty crazy to think that not so long ago, the only way you could work out how to change a headlight bulb in your car was to use the big manual! These days, you simply head to Google, type in your search keywords, and within five minutes, you;re a master of virtually any task.

If you are looking to develop your career-related skills or you just want to work out how to do something, there is a large range of apps ready for you to download and start learning new skills.

Duolingo – If you want to learn a new language, look no further than Duolingo. Described on its website as “fun and addictive,” Duolingo will help you master any of the many languages it offers through gamification (learning through games).

Top Tests – For anyone who is looking to take their driving theory test, the app that Top Tests offers will enable you to practice taking theory questions for free. It’s a more fun way of reviewing for your theory test than the more traditional methods like reading through the Highway Code several times.

TED – If you haven’t heard of TED talks yet, where have you been? From motivational business speeches to talks on happiness, the TED app gives you free access to a library of useful videos that could inspire you and help you to build your knowledge in particular subjects.

YouTube – Not only can you watch your favourite music videos and watch amusing video clips, but you can also use YouTube to learn a huge selection of skills. It is estimated that 300 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every minute! So you could never have a definitive list of the skills that are available to learn via YouTube, as it is growing by the second.

You can learn manual tasks such as fixing a leaking tap or you can become an expert in Adobe Photoshop. Video is one of the best channels to learn new skills, so it’s no wonder that YouTube is such a popular choice with people looking to develop their skillset. The easy-to-use search bar also allows for a quick retrieval of learning content specific to your search keywords.

Khan Academy – This app allows you to watch free videos on a wide range of educational subjects such as Science or Finance. It is quickly becoming one of the most downloaded educational apps.

Apps are brilliant, the speed at which you can browse content and the ease of use are just two of the main attractions. If you are looking to learn some new skills or boost your knowledge base while on the go, look no further than these great apps. Make more use of your commuting time or have a quick learning blast while on your lunch break — the choice is yours.