Get Noticed at the Club

If you want to be noticed while out at a club, it’s best to remember a few things. While no one wants to consider themselves shallow, first impressions do count, so it’s important that you dress to impress. Second, being a gentleman never goes out of style. Finally, while it’s acceptable to be interested, it is never attractive to appear desperate.

Dress to Impress

It’s fine to spend a day at the office looking like every other man in the boardroom or a day at the park in your favorite jeans and tee, but when you go out for a night on the town, it’s imperative that you take the time to look your best. A regular grooming routine will make this infinitely easier to accomplish.

It isn’t enough to look like every other man who flipped through the same catalog and tried to copy the model’s style. It’s important to consider how your accessories will define your vibe and what that will convey to those around you. Look for little ways to set yourself apart from the crowd. A Diamante tie from Hex Tie is an example of an accessory that is unique enough to be noticed but still classic enough to be impressive. Don’t be afraid to dress like the legend you are.

Be a Gentleman

Being a gentleman is one of the fastest ways to stand out from the crowd. Yes, the person in the corner who has been doing shots and grabbing every woman that walks by will also be noticed, but not in the way they likely had planned when the night began. Women want to be respected and charmed. They want to feel valued, desired and courted, even if they are in a club.

Turn on the charm and use the manners you’d take out at a church picnic or family dinner. This isn’t the time to impress your friends with frat house jokes, crude humor or caricatured machoism. Channel your inner James Bond and prepare to be amazed at just how much more attention a gentleman receives than a boy playing dress-up.

Interested but Not Desperate

Women want to be noticed but only by the men they want to be noticed by. The trick is to become the man whose attention they seek and then give it to them in small doses. Every man in the club will be offering to buy her drinks, but that isn’t what they want. A woman wants someone who is a little out of reach. One who wants her because she is unique, not because she is simply available.

Men who come on too strong appear to be desperate and interested in finding someone, not because they find that person interesting and special, but because they are desperate not to be alone. Focus on the people you arrived with and enjoy yourself while surveying the room to find a few women who may be worth investing the time to pursue. Then, smile at them when you make eye contact, but don’t be too eager to rush over and make an introduction. Remember, it is attractive to be interested and unattractive to appear desperate.

The key to having women notice you while out at the club is to clearly show you are a gentleman with excellent taste that is interested in finding someone to talk to but not desperate enough to settle for anyone. Raise your personal standards in order to attract the attention you most want and deserve.