5 Great Exercise Plans for Busy Students

It can be very easy to neglect exercise when you are busy, especially if you are studying an intense course such as a masters in health informatics. However, staying fit while you are at college is remarkably important. Not only will it help set up good habits for life, help you maintain a healthy weight and help you fight off illnesses, but it will also help reduce your stress levels and improve your confidence. As a student, you won’t always have the time or money to go to the gym. Fortunately, there are some quick, cost effective ways to stay fit. Here are five of the best:


Running is great for students because you don’t need any expensive equipment – just a pair of running shoes. You don’t even need to go anywhere special, as you can just run straight out of your front door. If you are short on time, make sure you push yourself in terms of speed and distance. Running for 30 minutes is great, but if you continue to run that same 30 minutes for months, your body will quickly adjust and you won’t get the same benefits. Try to go further in that 30 minutes, or add some hills. For those that have never run before or are out of practice, the couch to 5k program is an excellent place to start.


Swimming is a fantastic all-over body exercise and especially good for those with disabilities or injuries, as the water will help to reduce pressure on your joints. Swimming offers your core muscles a great workout, as they hold your body straight against the water. 30 minutes of swimming can be much more effective than many other exercises.

Interval Training

If you are very short on time, interval training can be the best way of making the most of that time. You could use interval training with running by sprinting for 60 seconds and then jogging for the next 60. You could also do interval Pilates or weights. Interval training is a proven method of weight loss and it gets fast results.


Walking is probably one of the most underrated forms of exercise, which is a shame, because it’s certainly the easiest. Walk to school, instead of driving, or at least park further away. If you are studying an online degree such as an online MSHI program, take a break and go for a walk around the park. Walking is a brilliant way to add activity to your day, and it’s completely free.

Online Videos

Online exercise videos, such as those on YouTube, mean you have no more excuses to skip a workout. With videos on a huge range of different exercises, and even 10-minute workouts available, anyone should be able to have a go.

The best way to be fitter is to be more active. Students are often guilty of eating unhealthy and not moving enough. Don’t let this be you. For extra help, both in monitoring your activity and motivating you to do more, consider investing in an activity tracker.