Super Bowl LI (or Valentine’s Day) gifts from Skinit and New Era


If you are a Bears, 49ers or Browns fan, the days leading up to Super Bowl LI provide an advantageous time to shift your NFL loyalties to a team that actually wins. The secret to pulling off the transition and creating your new life? NFL gear.

You can seamlessly transition your fandom from known loser to instant winner. And whenever your friends bring up your former muse, you can doff your new Patriots or Falcons hat from New Era and act like you don’t hear them, or you can pick up your phone covered with your new favorite NFL team’s logo via Skinit and pretend to be taking a very important call. Convert the years of disappointment created by your past team’s failures to fuel your nearly fanatical patronage and support of the league’s current best team.

If you have an extremely cool girlfriend or spouse, think of these not just as Super Bowl gifts but a Valentine’s Day gift suggestion as well. And since your special lady or man will owe you a gift for V-Day (not to be confused with “VD,” entirely different) share this column and gently nudge them towards a gift you will actually appreciate and use.

Goad them into buying what you want by saying something corny. For example, “Baby, each time I pick up my phone or wear this hat, I will think of our love.”


Keep your devices protected and in the game with official NFL team cases and skins from Skinit. Choose your favorite football team and find a team case or decal skin that showcases your team passion and stands out from the crowd. They have skins for everything, from laptops to Xbox to Amazon Echo to your mother-in-law’s mouth. Just kidding, they don’t have that.


New Era, the official cap of the NFL, has launched several really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking limited edition hats just for Super Bowl LI. And if you want to stay neutral because you’re a Super Bowl freak who can instantly recall a specific year of his life based on the corresponding Super Bowl match-up, New Era has you covered with Super Bowl LI hats.

Enjoy the Super Bowl… and your new life as a winner.