How to Find the Best Sports Betting Sites in the U.K.


Due to online sports betting regulations throughout the world, the U.K. stands alone as the most liberal country when it comes to allowing its residents to bet on sports online. It also happens to be the most highly regulated betting market in the world, which provides much needed protection for bettors from predatory online bookmakers. If you are looking to start betting online or find yourself in the market for a new online bookmaker, the following information could prove to be very useful.

The Criteria

There are three primary criteria you should consider when trying to locate the best sports betting sites in the U.K. In order of importance, the three criteria would be the bookmaker’s reputation, the betting markets offered and the site’s betting promotions.

Bookmaker’s Reputation
Unfortunately, there are a number of rogue online bookmakers operating in the U.K. They don’t carry the proper licensing, tend to use predatory marketing practices and use a slow pay/no pay policy when it comes to allowing players to make withdrawals. In order to avoid these bad players, you should adopt a policy of sticking with name brand bookmakers that are licensed and regulated by the U.K. Gambling Commission.

Betting Markets Offered
It would be a false assumption if you were to think all bookmakers offer the same betting markets and betting options. Assuming you have properly vetted each prospective bookmaker’s reputation, you want to focus on the bookmakers that offer the betting markets that best suit your wants and needs. If you prefer betting on American sports, you want to find a bookmaker that points a lot of focus in that direction. If you like betting on darts, find the bookmakers that offer that particular betting market on a regular basis. Before you settle on one bookmaker, you might want to sign up with two of them in order to always have access to the best odds and betting options.

Betting Promotions
The sports betting industry in the U.K. is extremely competitive. As a means of appealing to new customers, almost all online bookmakers offer betting promotions to give its customers a little extra value. In most cases, the welcome bonus package carries the most significance. When assessing which bookmaker is offering the best deal, you need to look at two things. First, the amount of the offer needs to be considered. If one bookmaker is offering a $100 free bet for a first deposit of $100 and a second bookmaker is offering a $150 free bet for the same $100 deposit, the second one would appear better. Caution: Things could change if the terms and the conditions for the second offer are too restrictive. The bottom line is you need to look at both the monetary value and terms and conditions of each offer to better identify which one is more favorable.

When in doubt about which bookmaker is best suited for your needs, you can always turn to a website that invests time and money analyzing and comparing bookmakers, which results in free reviews and recommendations. If you’re looking to compare betting sites in the U.K., visit to check the latest betting sites offers, betting tips and sports news.