How to move around Europe with ease


Europe is an incredible place to visit or live. There is such a mix of culture, people and scenery that with only half an hour of driving, you could change from seeing beaches outside of your window to seeing snowy mountains. The only way to get the most out of your European experience is to travel all over and see what this amazingly diverse place has to offer. There are a few ways to get the full experience of Europe and make the most of your travels.

Take the long tour

One way to easily move around Europe is to get around on foot. It’s cheap and you get to see all of the things you might have missed if you had taken a plane. If you want to see as much as possible and throw yourself into all of the fascinating cultures, then you could rent a van and hostel hop around the continent. If you want to save even more money, you also have the option of taking the bus or using travel apps to hitch rides. There are all sorts of apps to help out travelers around Europe. There are some where you can couch surf, find short term jobs, meet up with travelers and even hitch ride. You’ll definitely meet a lot of locals on the way, and if you’re the type that loves taking risks and stepping off the beaten path, this is the easiest way to take detours and find where the fun is. After all, the only way to get the full experience of a country is to mingle with the locals. Skip the five-star hotels and the extra luggage. Adventure is cheap, easy and lots of fun.


The only people that have ever regretted their plans to move overseas are the ones that backed out. It might not be the ideal experience you had imagined, and the ideas you develop from all of the brochure photographs might not be your reality, but your move to Europe would be a unique experience all its own. You’ll face challenges you never even thought you could and learn and do so much than you had ever expected. International removals to Spain are only expensive if you try to take your whole life with you. Pack light. You can always buy things along the way, but life in Europe would be a lot easier if you’re not trying to take everything you own with you. You don’t have to stay forever, but a few months of living in a different county is a unique experience that you shouldn’t pass up.

Taking a trip to Europe might end up changing your life. You may end up finding a new home, learning a new language or meeting new friends. If you’re brave and don’t mind when things don’t go according to plan, travel around Europe the real way. Hotels, villas and premier plane tickets are for tourists. But maybe you don’t want to be a tourist. Maybe you want to be a travller. So go out there and travel.