5 BBQ Recipes and Ideas to Die For


If you’re planning a summer BBQ, you might want to consider the menu, and with so many delicious foods that can be grilled, the choices are indeed varied. The first thing to do is make sure your cooking equipment and garden furniture are up to scratch, and if they meet the standard, then it’s just a question of the menu. Here are some great ideas to brighten up your next alfresco party.

1.Back or Spare Ribs – Very often overlooked, pork ribs are ideal for that outdoor party, and with a selection of mouth-watering sauces and marinades, your guests will soon be coming back for seconds. If you barbeque range leaves a lot to be desired and you’re worried it might not be adequate, consider an outdoor kitchen by BBQ Bazaar, the experts in all things connected with outdoor dining.

2. Hamburgers are a great way to feed a ravenous group, and with so many variations, you can’t really go wrong. You could make your own burgers, and don’t forget the chutneys and cheese slices, which are essential for added taste. Fried onions and some chilli sauce are essential additives for a delicious hamburger, and with some mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup on offer, your guests will be glad they came.

3. Grilled Lamb Chops – If they are on the menu, expect a full house, and by turning the chops every five minutes, you will ensure an even cook. Mint sauce is the ideal companion for lamb chops, and the smell of them cooking on the barbeque will have the neighbours lining up. Ask your local butcher to prepare some thick cuts from the tenderest part of the animal and you will have the ideal addition to that alfresco BBQ.

4. Honey and Mustard Grilled Chicken – If your guests like chicken, this recipe will knock them dead. Simply take chicken breast fillets and baste them with honey and mustard, turning regularly and rebasting for that extra flavour. They cook very quickly and are an excellent choice with a range of salads and dressings.

5. Beef Steaks – Always a firm favourite, you can marinate the day before to ensure tender meat, and by basting as they cook, the flavour will be too much to resist. Use lots of black pepper and perhaps a famous steak sauce to baste while they are cooking, and don’t forget to keep your eye on them, otherwise they might end up more than a little well done.

The setting should be relaxed, with adequate space for your guests to mingle, and don’t forget to stock up the bar and order unlimited supplies of ice. The right lighting will enhance the ambience, and with a great menu, your barbeques will be famous for miles around. Make sure there are alternatives for vegetarians and prepare more than enough food, as you can always eat any leftovers the following day.