4 Fitness Activities You Can Do in Cold Water


Finding time for fitness isn’t always easy, but it isn’t impossible. During the warmer months, you can find a local pool to use for fitness activities. There are also pools available at local gyms, aquatic centers and even hotels where you can get your workouts in during the winter as well. You can do these four activities in the pool, which will help you get into an exercise routine so you can stay fit while having fun.

Before You Start

You need to consider the area where you will be completing your activities before you begin. While many indoor pools are heated, outdoor options such as a lake or the ocean will probably be a different story. Fortunately, rash guards offer warmth in cold water that will ensure you stay warm while working out. Shivering from the cold always saps you of energy and can distract your mental focus. Rashguards are essentially long-sleeve shirts that keep your arms and torso warm (not to mention free from rashes) so you can do your activities without hindrance. They also have compression technology to help keep your muscles engaged. Many protect from not only the cold but also the wind and sun. Longsleeve rashguards are especially useful in extremely cold bodies of water where you are truly vulnerable to the elements. You can even wear them while kayaking or canoeing to enjoy some outdoor exercise while staying fully protected, although for this article, we’re sticking to basic water aerobic exercises.


Swimming laps around a pool is one of the most common ways to get exercise in the water. You can time yourself so you can improve your technique to make it from one end to the other in a faster amount of time. Many gym pools have lap lanes that give you your own space to swim. This prevents those who are playing other games in the pool from interfering with your session.

Skin Diving

You can learn how to skin dive in order to achieve a more unique and daring workout. Skin diving requires a lot of energy and breath, and it is important that you fully understand how to do it before you try. Starting out in a shallow pool is the smartest option. You can also work with a diving instructor in order to learn how to properly handle a deeper dive. Once you are well trained, you will be able to perform dives in other deeper bodies of water. Wearing a rashguard for this activity is especially important so your lungs are able to function at full capacity.

Ladder Pull-Ups

An easy way to workout in a pool is to use ladder pull-ups. You can hold onto the pool ladder and lift yourself up slowly before lowering yourself back down again. This is a great way to work out your arms and keep them fit. This method works just as well as the pull-up bars you can put on a doorframe in your home.

Water Aerobics

Doing water aerobics is also a fun way to get in some exercise. You can attempt to perform the aerobics on your own or you can join an aerobics class that keeps you entertained and ready to work. Many aquatic centers offer these sorts of classes, with options for beginners.

Water aerobics work well because of the resistance from the water. This is an excellent option for older individuals, those who are overweight or even people with arthritis or other joint-related issues. Exercising in the water is far easier on the joints and muscles than anywhere else. This exercise is typically performed in shallow water, so you’ll be able to fully stand. Again, you should wear a rash guard to help your body stay limber and energized.

Water aerobics, skin diving, ladder pull-ups and lap-swimming are all great ways to get a good workout while in the water. Which one you choose will depend on your current physical fitness, condition and your personal preference. Each of these water fitness activities will improve your strength, cardio and help you get a fun workout that you wouldn’t otherwise get. Make sure you buy quality water gear that fits comfortably, such as a pair of goggles, a swimsuit and a rash guard, and you’ll be all set when the time comes.


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