The Best Gadget Christmas Gifts for Students


If you’re wondering what to get as a gift for the student in your life this Christmas, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to tech. Whether it’s a shiny new smartphone, an e-reader where they can download all of their textbooks, or even a new kitchen gadget to make cooking easier, technology is filled with great gift ideas for college students. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a young relative who’s off to college for the first time or your partner or friend has gone back to school to pursue an online EDD degree, we’ve listed some of the best gadget gifts that students will love.


Having your own laptop is a given for student life. Although most college campuses have free-to-use computers in the library and designated study rooms, having your own laptop means you can keep your files with you and get your work done wherever you are. Along with that, the rise of online learning courses such as the online EDD program from Maryville University means that having a laptop is essential to getting a degree today. A shiny new laptop upgrade is definitely a welcome gift for many students, with plenty of great laptops to choose from.


For many students, staying connected is essential. Along with talking to friends, students need to use technology to keep up to date with group work, make sure that they keep appointments and stick to their class and activity schedules for the semester. All of this means that students spend a lot of time on their smartphones. However, with a smartwatch, it’s easier for students to keep up to date no matter where they are, whether that’s in a lecture, at home or even driving to their next class.


Even in today’s digital age, textbooks are a staple of almost every college degree program, especially advanced, research0based courses such as an online doctor of education in higher education leadership degree. An e-reader device can be the perfect gift for a student, as it allows them to download all of their textbooks, recommended reading, extra reading and much more onto one portable device that will fit easily into their bag. Not only does this mean that they have access to all their course reading wherever they are, but it can also help to save shelf space and reduce back pain!

Smoothie Maker

While gadgets for helping students to study better are great, let’s not forget about the other aspects of student life. Many students live a busy schedule, which means that cooking healthy meals often isn’t a priority. A smoothie maker is one of the top kitchen gadgets for students, as it provides them with an easy, quick and convenient way of making healthy smoothies or even soups, improving their nutrition and making healthy eating much easier.

Looking for a perfect gift for a student this Christmas? Look no further than these awesome gadgets, which we’re sure any college student will be thankful for!