Activities Every Adrenaline Junkie Should Try


If you love the feeling of your heart racing, sweaty palms and the thrill of danger, you probably live for all things that give you the ultimate adrenaline rush. Thrill-seekers are constantly in search of new activities that will give them a rush of excitement and euphoria. If you’re looking for a wild ride, something completely different, then you should check out some of these truly exciting activities.

Ride a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle gives you a sense of power, freedom and, of course, a need for speed. For the extra-brave adrenaline junkies, you can consider taking a trip to La Paz, Bolivia and taking a ride on Death’s Road. It’s a 40-mile ride with an extremely narrow road, no guardrails and a jaw-dropping 11,000-foot drop, giving cyclists the ultimate rush. It’s important to be prepared in case you’re ever in a motorcycle accident. If you’re cruising around New York, you should consider having the number of a Brooklyn personal injury attorney on hand just in case.

Australia’s Cage of Death

If you ever thought of how cool it would be to get up close and personal with some dangerous underwater creatures, Cage of Death in Australia is something to think about. You’ll be safe inside of a glass enclosure for 15 minutes while hundreds of crocodiles swim beside you. It can be a terrifying experience because it’s easy to forget you’re actually behind glass.

Skydiving and Bungie Jumping

Skydiving is another activity that will give you a feeling of freedom, get your heart pumping and give you the rush you’re after. It allows you to face your fears, relieve stress and build up your confidence. For the ultimate thrill, skydive from 20,000 feet above sea level in Hawaii, which requires you to use oxygen because you’re up so high. Bungie jumping allows you to jump off of really tall structures with a large elastic cord connected to you, making you free-fall and bounce upwards several times. Both activities sound dangerous but are actually safe if you listen to the instructors.

Sky Walk in China or Hike the Most Dangerous Trail in the World

Take a walk on China’s glass walkway which spans along the Tianmen Mountain for some terrifying thrills, taking you 4,600 feet in the air. Also in China is the most dangerous trail in the world on Mount Huashan. This trail will have you walking up very steep staircases and traversing very thin planks of wood bolted into the mountain. You’ll have to shimmy across rough-looking boards, using the secure chains to keep yourself from falling to your death.

Walk on Water with a Jet Pack

In the Florida Keys, adrenaline junkies have the ability to come flying up out of the water wearing a jet pack. It can take as little as three minutes to prepare you for using the jet pack safely. You’ll reach a maximum of 30 feet and enter the water at approximately 30 miles per hour or less. This experience will give you the opportunity to really feel like you’re flying, like a superhero straight out of a comic book.

Whether you’re looking for something that will give you thrills without requiring you to travel, such as riding motorcycles, or you’re looking for something more extreme, there’s a lot out there for thrill-seekers. With every activity, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid getting injured. Many adrenaline-inducing activities were created just to give you that sense of danger you’re after, creating lifelong memories you’ll get to brag about for years. Allow yourself to have the time of your life and an experience that will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush.