Why is Temperature so Important When Transporting Beer?


One thing that goes great with any activity at any time of year, whether it’s cruising in a boat on the lake in summer, playing football in the fall, or serious television watching in the winter, is an ice-cold beer. You have to have your beer at just the perfect temperature to get the most enjoyment. If it’s exposed to heat at any point along its journey, it probably won’t taste as good as it should.

When beer is transported from the brewing company to your local store, it will always taste best when it has been kept at the perfect temperature. Using refrigerated trucking companies is the best way that beer makers have found to get their craft beers out to people who live in all areas of the country, instead of having to keep beer products local.

Is Room Temperature Beer Ever Acceptable?

There are beers that taste fine at room temperature, and these usually include the darkest beers. Normally, when beer is lighter in color and flavor, like Pilsners, lagers and wheat beers, they need to be kept as ice-cold as possible for the best flavor. Darker beers like brown and amber ales and stouts can be served a bit warmer. The very strong and dark beers, like wild ales and full-bodied stouts, can be served without chilling them at all.

In some places, like in England, beers are traditionally served at room temperature due to taste preferences, and because the English have a tendency not to chill beer. For most tastes, however, some chilling is advised to keep beer at its best, most enjoyable flavor.

Heat Robs Flavor From Beer

In most parts of the world, exposing beer to heat is thought to ruin it. Chilled beer is by far the preferred choice, and this is especially true in the case of unpasteurized or organic beers, which must be kept cold. In parts of Europe, they may be able to store beer at cellar temperatures because of the naturally cooler climate.

Anywhere else however, beer needs to be kept chilled for the best experience. Certain craft beers are made to be kept cold from the time they’re brewed until they’re consumed. This is true not only for better flavor but also for safety purposes.

New Trends in Beer Transportation

Many trucks used for beer transportation are strictly refrigerated trucks where the beer is kept at one consistent temperature. The latest trend, however, is towards specialized trucks, known as partially refrigerated side-load trucks, that have partial refrigeration for beers that need it and areas on the truck that are warmer for other beers that don’t need to be kept as cold.

The most important thing for beer aficionados is that the beer tastes great and that drinking it is a satisfying experience. No matter how it gets to you, you simply want the most tasteful experience from your favorite brew. That is always the ultimate goal.