How to play casino games on your mobile phone in 2016


All of our life, we look for any type of amusement to pass the time. Mentioning games elicits excitement from anyone. It is the one activity that everyone can relate to.

If you sit down three generations together, you will discover the same word means something different to each and every one of them. However, casino games are a universal language which is spoken by all generations, races and genders. That is a true fact, because gambling is probably as old as time.

Casino games now and then

Its history goes way back, which means it evolved throughout time, but still the basic constant remained: winning and losing money. In the present day, everything has gotten fast and practical. You don’t need to wait an entire week to visit the casino and play blackjack, poker or turn to slots. You can enjoy all those commodities and more on the bus, at work, on your sofa or in the park.

Our gadgets make us magically connected to every part of the globe, thus any online available casino. Especially in 2016, you would be surprised by the number of casinos and diversity of games. All you need is a smart device and a credit card.

Mobile companies are putting their best foot forward every year by creating new and improved inventions than their predecessors. Samsung went from S1 to S7 seemingly overnight, similar to the iPhone. And people don’t complain at all; they enjoy upgrading to the newest and best technology available to the masses.

Phones are becoming our hypothetical fifth limb in this new age. We don’t just text and talk through them. We also maintain our itinerary, play games, take photographs, listen to music, use social media and so on.

Playing casino games for real money is on the top of that list over the past few years, and especially in 2016. It is a simple and easy way to entertain yourself and win some money at the same time.

Trend setting mobile casinos in 2016

Some of the most popular casinos are: GDay Casino, LeoVegas and Mr. Green. There are tons of other choices, but these come highly recommended. The reasons are simple:

• Appealing to the eye
• Always up to date
• Customer friendly
• Easy to use
• Mind-blowing promotional offers and bonuses
• Huge jackpots

All you need to do is download their mobile version and create a profile from your phone. The instructions are fairly simple and straightforward. They will need your basic personal information and of course your credit card number.

There is 24-hour customer service on any of them, so if you have any questions or come across any difficulties while playing, they will sort everything out in a blink of an eye. After you have done all of this, it is up to you on how, when and where you will play. Logging in from a laptop or PC using the same account is possible. You are not limited to a single device.

You can find thousands of casino apps for iPhone, as well as on all other platforms. New games are being added constantly, but you shouldn’t worry, because they keep the old ones and the most popular ones for your enjoyment.

The trend set by mobile companies such as Samsung and Apple with mobile phones larger than 5.5″ enables a pleasant and immersive experience when it comes to casino games. The AMOLED displays are adding to the excitement with their realistic and vibrant colors.

Don’t forget the most important thing, either: you can win a lot of money from your phone. You will be given a trial run at first so you can test out some of their games and the way they function before diving in completely.