What women are afraid of when they go on a dating site


The reason why women register on a dating site is typically for the pursuit of love. Knowing that, men try their best to master the art of seduction. They learn how to choose the most appropriate photo for a profile, how to organize a perfect date and how to behave and look secure. This approach is quite popular. Though, in my opinion, it is one-sided because it does not take into account fears. Indeed, a bunch of things we have done in our lives were driven by fears.

Remember your childhood. As a boy, I feared the dark, and a night light rescued me from monsters every night. Because of that, I dreamt of becoming a psychologist to overcome that fear. Women have fears too. As they are emotional creatures, the role of fear in their life cannot be underestimated. Understanding what women are afraid of when they go to a dating site may be more useful than pretending to be somebody else.

Fear of being deceived

In real life, we try our best to make a good impression on a person we meet for the first time. And that first impression is often deceiving, hiding “the dark side” of our personality. In the world of virtual dating, where the acquaintance starts with browsing profiles of potential matches, it is easier to wear masks and make a false impression by messages written according to the advice of love coaches. Many women are aware of that and have experience of relationships ending with disappointment.

Fear of being rejected

Online dating implies that you need to show your interest in a person by winking or greeting with some distinct greeting. But you never know whether he/she liked you and responded to you, or whether a potential match will agree to go out on a first date. Finding the right person on a dating site is not easy and requires persistence and time. Many women find it hard to initiate discussion and fear being rejected.


Mass media succeeded in their efforts to make women fear that they are not beautiful enough, or their skin is not good enough, or their shapes are not sporty enough. When it comes to female appearance, the list of the things they doubt is endless. More than that, every woman has some past memory of somebody saying demeaning words about their appearance. That’s why women choose their profile photo so carefully, and that’s why they are so nervous about the first face-to–face date.

Fear of not getting a proposal

If a woman has an intention to find a future husband, she expects that online dating will transform into real dating, and then eventually settle into marriage. There is a misperception that most men on dating sites are there simply to flirt and avoid commitment. By this reason, they may show discretion and caution.