Hands-Free Apps: Stay Connected While Focusing on the Road


These days it’s easy to find apps that can help you with any activity, and that includes driving. There are dozens of excellent apps that you can use to help with various aspects of your driving, from finding the way to your destination, to finding your parked vehicle. Here is a selection of apps that you can use while you drive.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the ultimate maps app whether you are in your car or on foot. It’s got everything, and you can now download areas of the map to your phone so you can access them offline. But if you have a good connection, you won’t even need to do that.

Even better, it’s free and it’s always improving. You can now find restaurants, gas stations and more in the surrounding area as you drive thanks to a new feature. You can also activate it by saying “Okay, Google” and search for things with your voice.


Waze is one of the best driving apps around. Don’t get caught out by bad conditions on the road and let Waze alert you to them instead. Users can report bad driving conditions wherever they are, and you can then get updated information about which roads to avoid so you can shorten your journey time.


Finding a parking place can be a nightmare, but BestParking will help you. It’s really useful when you’re short of time and desperate to park your vehicle. Try it out the next time you know you’re going to need to park your car.


Accessing your phone while driving is dangerous, so use ReadItToMe instead. This will read out your notifications so you don’t have to play with your phone at the wheel. You can also add filters in case there are some people you don’t want to hear from, and you can reply using voice messages.


Having a dashboard cam is a great idea. If you’ve just got a new vehicle like a Dodge Charger, you’ll want to make sure you look after it. And if you are involved in an accident, having video footage can be very useful. But it can be expensive to buy the kit, so use your phone instead.

Use CamOnRoad to turn your phone into a dashboard cam and save videos onto your phone or the cloud. There are other similar apps, like Dashcam, where you can record footage, capture accidents or simply capture your drive.

Gas Buddy

If you’re looking to fill up with gas, you can find the best gas station near your position using Gas Buddy. This will help you locate the cheapest gas in your vicinity so you can save money filling up.


iFixit is a repair manual app that is ideal if you want to know how to fix anything in your car or carry out maintenance. Use it to find out how to change the oil and other maintenance tasks. It comes with images and clear instructions, and it’s a great way to work out how to fix your car and save money.

Carrr Matey

Don’t forget where you parked your car with this useful app. Don’t waste time searching for it once you’ve left because you can now locate it with ease. It also has a timer so you don’t have to worry about forgetting about it and getting a ticket.

Use these apps to help various aspects of your driving, and drive safer while staying more informed on the road. Try them out yourself by downloading a few to your smartphone and see if they can improve your driving experience.

Jack Steele would be lost without all the tech we have available to us today. A remote worker and keen traveller, Jack is currently living in Asia. He writes about tech and gadgets, travel and his unique work/life setup.