Filling Your Camera Bag: The Top Gadgets for Beginner Photographers


Some interests become hobbies. From there, pastimes can become lifelong passions. Those who love what they do enjoy the technology and gadgets involved in the craft. A novice photographer finds that an increased interest in the hobby creates greater interest in tripods, lenses and other camera accessories. Here is a number of gadgets that will fuel passion and fill the camera bag of beginner photographers.

Bag Insert

Camera components are small and very fragile. The most protective camera bag may not supply a snug fit that is enough to keep accessories from moving around and getting damaged. A water-resistant insert with padding will increase the organization of the camera bag and better protect components.

Lens Cap

Obviously, photographers have an eye for style and uniqueness. Sure, a photographer can use the boring lens cap supplied by the manufacturer. Or, paying greater attention to detail, a photographer can elect to buy a stylish lens cap with graphics that look like food, animals, landscapes, etc.

Smartphone Remote

In the age of the ‘selfie,’ any person with a smartphone can become a photographer. However, a photographer’s options are limited when holding onto the device. Yes, selfie sticks have been invented, which extends the length one holds the camera, yet the options remain limited. However, a remote that allows you to take pictures from 30 feet away provides a lot more options and inspiration.

Canister Toilet Paper

A photographer never stops being a member of the craft, even when they need to step into the lavatory. Canister toilet paper is more of a gag gift than a gadget, yet the attention to detail will be appreciated by home or apartment visitors.

Photo Drone

Cameras come in all different shapes; some are even attached to flying machines. Find a drone for sale online and take photography capabilities to the next level. Take sky-high shots of the ocean, city scape or forest.

App Pins

Surfers wear surf tee shirts, golfers get insignias of clubs painted on their cars, and photographers host pins of their favorite photo apps, such as Pinterest and Instagram. Proudly wear the pin on a tee shirt, beanie hat, camera bag, etc. The small sentiments are great to spark conversations with other novice or expert photographers.

Telephoto Lens

Many of today’s handheld devices serve as cameras. Along with the iPhone, an iPad can be a handy way to take professional-looking pictures. The in-device camera is a bit limited, but that’s a quick fix once you attache the telephoto lens. Increase the power of an iPad’s lens tenfold with this handy device.

Lens Coffee Mug

It’s not an actual lens, but it sure looks like one. Photographers drink cappuccinos and coffees to provide them with added pep so they can continue recognizing photo opportunities and take great shots. Let all onlookers know the flavor of a preferred hobby with an extendable lens coffee mug.

Eye-Fi Memory Card

Photographers have a number of devices to take pictures but most need one place to maintain all of the files, such as a home computer. It’s a hassle to constantly transfer files from devices to home computers. However, the eye-fi memory card automatically transfers files from a camera to a computer. All photos will be in one place within the PC.

Flexible Tripod

Camera tripods were a great invention, yet like earlier models of cameras, they have evolved. A flexible tripod helps achieve nearly impossible angles, so you are not limited to where you would like to situate your camera for unique shots.

Waterproof Case

Nature provides plenty of inspiration for wanting to take incredible pictures, yet conditions such as rain, snow and sleet are not good for a camera or accessories. A waterproof case covers the entire camera so a photographer can still take the shots they want despite the weather conditions.

Camera Extender

Every vacationer has gone through the motions of asking a stranger to take a picture for them. However, that awkward interaction is no longer needed when one is equipped with a camera extender. Fit a compact camera on top, extend and gain the ability to fit all friends and family members in the shot.

Cube Leveler

Some photographers have naturally steady and balanced hands while others struggle to keep the shot from becoming lopsided. The cube leveler fits on top of a camera to ensure that the camera is being held straight so every shot looks professional.

Lens Pen

It happens – photographer finds the perfect light and position to take a shot yet the lens is smudged. Rather than use a dirty finger or awkwardly try to wipe the lens with a sleeve, the lens pen cleans all lens, plasma and glass surfaces.