2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide: Booze

Walk into any liquor store and you’ll see hundreds of options. You can zero in on your dad’s favorite drink when picking a gift, or you can get creative and choose something he wouldn’t buy for himself. And for more great suggestions, be sure to check out the other categories in our Father’s Day gift guide.

Bulleit Bourbon


There’s something so American about a “frontier”-inspired bourbon that sounds like it can be shot from a gun. And this bourbon comes with all the backstory one would hope. Dating back to Louisville, Kentucky in the 1830s, Augustus Bulleit tinkered with a high rye content recipe until he mastered the perfect bourbon. But it was almost lost forever along with Augustus himself, who mysteriously vanished while transporting his precious barrels to New Orleans, never to be heard from again. Lying dormant for 150 years, the recipe found a new place to settle in our modern day. Built on a mash bill of malted barley and corn, we love a bourbon that also packs in the rye (28%). Spicy and bold upfront with an adequate burn from its 90 proof character, Bulleit Bourbon finishes dry and clean, with tones of maple, oak and nutmeg. Your dad may not may wear flannel shirts or build log cabins in his free time, but we think this bourbon will make him feel as though he’s still blazing new trails.

Rodionov & Sons Polugar No. 3


What exactly is Polugar, you ask? Obscure and mysterious, one would be amiss in mistaking it for vodka. Rather like the Russian greats themselves – Ivan the Terrible, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Anton Chekhov, who all imbibed it – this white distilled liquor is far more intriguing than that. Resurrected from recipes of old, ‘breadwine’ has not been subjected to the double, triple and even quadruple distilled practices that strip away all character and imagination. Instead, the wheat, rye and caraway base are formally invited to coexist and contribute to a pronounced and distinctive flavor profile that lingers on the palate. Delicately soft and powerfully reminiscent of rye bread, Rodionov & Sons Polugar No. 3 is delightful to sip, enjoy and dream of bygone eras. Inspired by recipes handcrafted for Russian nobility, a few glasses will have you saying, ‘Vashe zrodovye!’ And what father doesn’t deserve an experience like that?

Marca Negra Espadin Mezcal


Mezcal, Tequila’s long lost, and far more brash, cousin. No other liquor inspires such dreadful fear in our hearts. Peering hesitantly into our tasting glass of mischievously clear alcohol, we were reminded of delirious times past in the faraway place of Oaxaca, Mexico. Coincidentally, the state of Oaxaca is Mexico’s largest producer of espadin style mezcal, which is based on the agave plant that gives it life. The agave is traditionally harvested, buried in the earth and fire roasted (fire from the pits of hell, our livers attest) to breathe in the heavy smoke that permeates the drink Marca Negra’s Espadin is certainly no stranger to that. The aroma is powerfully thick, a clear warning of the experience that is to follow. With a slightly higher ABV than most in its class (50.2%), the alcohol attacks the tongue with a complex, spicy and unapologetic long lasting finish. his mezcal commands respect and dares to be tamed. And while every bit of common sense tells you to flee, it’s a siren’s call you can’t help but wholeheartedly accept.

BACARDÍ Grapefruit

Rum drinks can be a refreshing choice when the weather gets warm and a cold drink is in order. Every home bar needs some good rum, and flavored rums can offer up some cool options. BACARDÍ Grapefruit is a new flavored rum that is infused with pink grapefruit flavors to create a semi-sweet, citrus taste. Pair it up with pink lemonade for a refreshing and delicious shot or use it to add a new grapefruit twist to old classics like the Mojito and Mule.


Tito’s Handmade Vodka

You can’t go wrong getting dad one of the hottest vodka brands on the market. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is produced in Austin at Texas’ oldest legal distillery. The vodka is made in batches using old-fashioned pot stills and they taste-test every batch to ensure quality. The vodka is distilled from corn and is certified as gluten-free as well. We’ve tried it and love it, and Tito’s will make a great addition to any home bar.