Keep Your Galaxy S7 Safe & Stylish


You’ve always kept your eye out for the latest releases in smartphone technology. Not because you consider yourself a smartphone aficionado or a tech geek. Your attention on all things cell phone is born out of necessity. Since you’ve started owning cell phones, you’ve broken them. The list of shattered screens is far longer than the list of broken hearts you’ve left behind – which is a good thing for your love life. Not so much for your wallet. When lady luck seems to abandon you when you need her the most, it’s time that you generate your own good fortune. As you switch out your latest ruined phone for the Galaxy S7, keep it safe with a vinyl skin.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy update is already a great choice when you’re the type of person who’s cracked more screens than you can count. Since the release of the Galaxy S6, Samsung has taken its user feedback seriously, using these complaints to dream up a bigger and better phone than ever before. As a result, they’ve created a phone that’s created completely out of Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Unlike any iPhone, which only has this glass in its touchscreen, Samsung has opted to construct the S7’s entire body out of it too. The upshot is the S7 is one of Samsung’s strongest phones yet.

That doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. You know enough about your powers of misfortune that it could only last in your possession for so long before some damages occur. Simple daily wear and tear can take gouges out of its buttons and bezels. Careless handling can scratch and scuff the body. Even if you were the luckiest smartphone owner in the world and never ran into problems, you’d still have to battle with the S7’s notoriously grimy backing. According to some critics, the glass backing can get so dirty, it can build up mountains of oily smudges left behind by your fingers.

For an amazing phone that’s billed as one of the top smartphones in 2016, the S7 isn’t without its flaws. That’s why a vinyl skin can come in handy. A Galaxy S7 skin covers the entirety of the phone’s backing, bezels and buttons. As a rule, skins are manufactured to provide an excellent fit for the S7, so it will accommodate the phone’s unique dimensions. That means it won’t interfere with any of its ports, speakers, buttons or its incredibly thin bezels that border its 5.1 inch display. Since it adds no additional size to the phone, your S7 will still slip easily into your pocket.

When you find a skin that’s made out of genuine 3M vinyl, you can guarantee it will provide protection in addition to a superior fit. Though it only adds a thin layer on top of your phone, it stops careless handling and sharp objects from taking a bite out of its body. Better yet, its naturally grime resistant material covers up the smudgy backing and creates a clean look devoid of fingerprints.

A great Galaxy S7 skin will do more than just cover up the phone’s flaws; it will enhance its inherently sophisticated design. S7 skins come in a variety of textures like mahogany, zebra wood, leather and carbon fiber that can enhance the phone’s style, but they also give you the opportunity to distance yourself from Samsung’s design and embrace your own sense of style. When you visit, you can express yourself with exciting colors like magenta, orange or copper. They have enough options that you can pick a different color for each piece of the skin and, in doing so, create a unique color scheme that expresses your distinctive fashion sense.

But don’t take this article’s word for it. Check out Galaxy S7 skins for yourself, and learn more about how 3M genuine vinyl has the strength, resilience and style to protect your phone. With an S7 skin wrapped around your phone, you won’t need luck anymore. A skin will guarantee you keep your phone intact for a very long time.