Top 5 Soccer Apps and Games


Soccer fans usually can’t get enough, so here are some apps and games you should check out:

Goal Fantasy Football (

Undisputedly one of the greatest fantasy soccer apps available. In its latest version, Goal Fantasy Football allows you to pick from three separate competitions: the English League, the Champions League and a European Super League to create your own ultimate team and try and best your friends. The app has a fantastic database of players, gives you up-to-date football news, allows you to take on individual managers head-to-head, and if you get bored with all of that, there is also a pretty fun soccer quiz included.

Forza Football (FootballAddicts)

There are lots of apps for live score updates, but Forza is a head above the rest. The key is in the detail, and Forza is beautifully detailed. Pre-match team line-ups include formations and player photos, you can set up your favorites and receive personalized notifications, and post-match highlights are also available. You can also have your opinion spread around the world by answering the in-app polls.

New Star Soccer (New Star Games)

This BAFTA Award-winning app is one of the best sports RPGs ever created. You start as a 16-year-old up-and-coming player and battle to make a legacy of one of the greats. New Star Soccer is unique as you have to manage the players’ destiny both on and off the pitch, trying to keep your manager, teammates, sponsors and partner happy along the way. There is also a casino mini game where you can bet your players earnings. New Star Soccer is great as a quick game on your work break or a full three-hour binge.

Bundesliga Quiz (

As both a player and logo quiz, Bundesliga Quiz allows you to test your knowledge on one of the world’s greatest leagues. It is beautifully designed, highly intuitive and each quiz has varying levels of difficulty that have clearly been well researched. German soccer is arguably having a larger global impact than ever before, and this app will test you on everything there is to know about the subject. Think you know your Robbens from your Reinthalers? This is the quiz for you.

Stats Zone (FourFourTwo)

Based on the popular magazine, FourFourTwo’s Stats Zone is the perfect companion app for the modern soccer nerd. The app uses opta stats to give you almost everything you could possibly ever want to know about a league, team, game or player. If you’re looking to become a commentator or just want to one up your mates, this is a great app to have on hand.