The Most Stylish Female Celebs Under 30

Young female celebs, particularly those that are under 30, can provide really great inspiration to anyone who’s interested in fashion or who simply wants to look her best both at work and at play. To help you find your celebrity fashion muse, continue reading for a short list of some of the most stylish and beautiful female celebs under 30.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence looks great no matter what she’s wearing, but she’s a young celebrity who has definitely made headlines every time she has walked the red carpet of an awards show. She always makes the best dressed list, and she is never afraid of showing off her best assets.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is known for being quite the diva when it comes to establishing her sense of style. She loves to get glamorous and has been known for altering clothing that she purchases so that it fits her body just right. She will even take an expensive gown and tweak it until she’s satisfied with the way that she looks in it. But no matter what she has to do to look her best, one thing is for certain, and that is the fact that so many girls and women already look up to her and wish to emulate her look.


Rihanna isn’t the type of celebrity who will follow trends. Instead, she’s the one who actually starts and creates new trends that others are happy to follow. She never plays it safe when it comes to her fashion, and she often dresses in a way that suits her current mood, whether she is trying to look tough, sexy or anything in between. This is a celebrity who isn’t afraid to break the rules and make her own style.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is a young celebrity beauty known for rocking a chic style that has a little bit of a Boho vibe to it as well. It is like a combination of California style, which is more laidback, and New York style, which is more urban and sophisticated. Known not only for her great work but her inspiring fashion, you can shop for similar pieces on online clothing boutiques that feature great styles at great prices.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is only 22 years old, but she has accomplished quite a bit in her life already, and she is now ready to take her great sense of fashion into a whole new realm by launching her very own fashion line. This powerhouse singer is known for wearing really chic clothes, even when she is running errands or spending time with friends. But when she is on stage or in a music video, you really get to see her unique fashion sense shine through.

These are just a few of the many amazingly talented and fashion-forward female celebrities under the age of 30 who are already making an impact on trends and styles that teens and adults alike love to wear.