Best upcoming sports events to bet on


Betting on sporting events has a history spanning many times and cultures. There’s something about having a flutter that gets the pulses racing, and we wouldn’t mind betting that our early ancestors had the odd wager on who could throw their rock the furthest or outrun an angry cave bear. There’s certainly plenty of evidence that ancient Romans bet on gladiatorial events, and sporting events throughout the ages have always been accompanied by gambling.

The opportunities afforded to the modern betting fan are more exciting than ever before. In an increasingly interconnected world, we can bet on events taking place around the world and follow the action in real time. The advent of online betting, whether casino- or sports-based, has added a whole new element. It’s important to ensure you stay safe online, of course, so you should stick to reputable betting sites and ensure any casino funds are secure. There are a number of ways to pay to play, including debit and credit cards, and online payment or ‘e-wallet’ solutions such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. In general, these can be pre-loaded with funds, which means you don’t have to provide your actual card details to the websites you use.

A little care can ensure you stay safe and secure, but when it comes to making a winning bet, you might have to do a little more research – unless, of course, you’re the type of better who prefers to go with their gut instinct. As far as upcoming sports events go, this year’s Summer Olympic Games are being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between August 5 and August 21. The Olympics are always a great spectacle, and for sports betting enthusiasts, the sheer profusion and diversity of different sports and disciplines on display offers a range of different opportunities.

Over in Europe, soccer fans can look at the Euro 2016 competition, taking place in France between June 10 and July 10. The hosts, Germany and Spain, are amongst the favorites, but Belgium and England might be worth a bet with odds currently standing at 10/1 and 12/1, respectively. The horse racing calendar is always of interest to sports betting fans. The 142nd Kentucky Derby takes place on May 7, but if you want to look further afield, why not try betting on the Dubai World Cup? Taking place on March 26 at Dubai’s Meydan Racecourse, it’s the world’s richest race, with a total purse worth around $30 million in prize money.

Closer to home, the NBA Playoffs always attract a lot of excitement, but whatever sport you follow, there are a host of exciting opportunities. Golf enthusiasts can place a bet on the US Open (taking place this year in Pennsylvania between June 16 and June 19), while the biggest event in world tennis will be taking place at Wimbledon in the UK between June 27 and July 10.