The Dating Game: New Rules for the Mobile Age


There is no disputing the fact that the dating game has definitely evolved over the last two decades. The traditional method of meeting and dating people is no longer the most popular method of engagement. According to a recent study, one in five adults between the ages of 25-34 have used at least one dating app as a means of meeting and engaging new people. What initially evolved into online dating, has now morphed into digital dating through the use of mobile applications. Nearly all of the major players in the online dating game also boast highly interactive and user-friendly mobile apps that allow them to easily access their profiles on their mobile phone without the use of a browser.

New Tools Mean New Rules

With greater exposure comes greater risk. Traditional dating revolved predominantly around meeting people within certain social circles that provided a certain sense of personal accountability and responsibility, which ensured a reasonable expectation of safety. The reason that safety was not as much of a concern with traditional dating is that there were usually common acquaintances that were aware of the situation. However, online and digital dating create situations in which people are exposed to individuals outside of their normal circles. In fact, there are many times where people are interacting with individuals who are in different geographical locations.

It is obvious that these new tools have created the need for a new set of rules to ensure a greater level of safety. There are some things that digital daters can do to increase the level of safety they experience while using digital programs like TrueSnaps.

Building an Effective and Respectable Profile

When daters are building their profile, it is important for them to remember that their profile will determine how they are perceived by others, setting the stage for how they will be engaged by others. People have a proclivity to write far too much on their profile about themselves — things people should learn about them over time, during the dating process. Not everyone perusing these types of platforms have good intentions, and the more information they are given by a potential victim, the easier it will be to manipulate the situation.

It is also important to understand that while profile pictures should be appealing, they should not be revealing.

Take Iit Offline as Quickly as Possible

Surprisingly, most experts suggest that the sooner the relationship leaves the dating platform, the better. When possible, the dater should attempt to arrange a public meeting with the person they are communicating with. If the person does not raise enough interest to create a desire to meet, it is a good indicator that the relationship is probably not going to take off. It is easier to read a person through a face to face encounter, and it forces people to take down their facades. A person can be almost anything they want to be online.

Vetting in Moderation

While vetting a date is necessary, taking it too far can create a number of problems. First of all, no one is perfect, and something that they have done in the past may not be indicative of who they are currently. Additionally, digging into someone’s life may reveal certain things that they are not ready to share, and robbing them of that right can be offensive. Digital dating can negatively interfere with the organic process of relationship building, which tends to expose truths about people in appropriate increments. While it is important to know that a potential date is not a serial killer, it is not necessary to access their divorce records.

Avoid Meeting in Secluded Areas

During the initial stages of the dating process, it will be very important to sustain healthy and safe boundaries that protect both parties. While no one wants to offend anyone by suggesting that it is necessary to meet in public, it is necessary to keep things safe, and the other person should understand. Meeting at restaurants, parks or concerts are a good place to start in developing a new relationship. It is necessary to ensure that the meeting takes place in a populated area, but the venue should not be so crowded as to make it difficult for others to notice any type of suspicious behavior.

These new dating platforms serve to simplify the dating process, and according to the numbers, they improve the chance of meeting someone compatible. The idea is to set initial boundaries, and then respect those boundaries, regardless of what emotional impetus may be present.

Caitlyn Bono grew up in beautiful California with her family and two Italian Greyhounds. While she was mostly a tomboy growing up, she became fond of computers and began to learn how to code. While in college, she created her own website to make extra money. Needless to say, when Snapchat took off, she became an avid user. TrueSnaps was born, and well, the rest is history.