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7 Pet Peeves That Could Be Ruining Your Dating Game

beautiful blond woman in striped dress

Has your dating game been off lately? Maybe you can snag a hottie online, but once she’s been around you a few times, she suddenly disappears off the radar. If this has been a pattern in your dating life, there could be something SERIOUSLY wrong… or it could be something pretty petty. While guys might have a few qualities and attributes they’re looking for in a woman, women tend to be a bit more “detailed” in their list of qualities they want in a guy.

That being said, you may have a few small things about you that simply makes women turn the other way. Let’s take a look at some of the pet peeves women have that could cause them to turn on an otherwise awesome guy like yourself:

1. Tardiness

Okay, so this is certainly a double standard, but women cannot stand a guy who is late. If you tell her you’re going to be there at 7 p.m. and you show up at 7:30 instead, trust and believe she just red flagged you. Nevermind the fact that it may have taken her an additional 30 minutes to apply makeup and do her hair, the fact that you’re late infuriates her.

2. Body Hair

Before you get upset, this doesn’t mean you need to get rid of every inch of hair on your body, but there are certainly places that your girl just does not want to see hair – particularly in the chest area. If you have what women call “taco meat” or curly hair on the chest that is exposed, it’s time to wax. There are waxing for men kits that are fairly easy to use. If women can go through shaving their entire bodies for us, the least we can do is remove the overgrown chest hair that turns them off.

3. Long Dirty Nails

Wait, we’re men! Why in the world do we need to worry about your nails? We’re sure this is what you’re thinking, but when it comes to impressing a woman, grooming and hygiene are of the utmost importance. If you’re going to keep long nails, make sure that they are clean underneath. If you prefer your nails short, clip them instead of biting them down to a nub.

4. The Way You Text

We told you this could get a bit petty, but if you haven’t received a call back from a girl you’re really digging, it could be because of the last text message you sent. If you text with tons of emoticons, X’s and O’s, she’s going to view you as “mushy,” “clingy” or “emotional.” Though women might want a guy who is in touch with his feelings, there’s something about an emotional text that crosses the line.

5. Your Social Media Activity

Social media is a breeding ground for infidelity and temptation. If you’re dating a girl, but you still happen to be flirting with every girl online, this will cause her to change her views about you. So if you like every swimsuit image that comes across your newsfeed or make flirtatious comments on a sexy pic for the world to see, she’s going to assume you’re a player and turn her interests elsewhere. Wouldn’t you if the roles were reversed?

6. The Way You Dress

Now, you won’t be expected to dress like you’re hitting a red carpet event EVERY time you see your girl, but there is a method to the madness. While you may not care very much about fashion and style, you at least need to look the part. If you show up at her door with beat-up sneakers, a dated Cosby sweater, and some dad jeans, expect it to be your last date. At the very least, she wants to know that you can dress yourself according to this century’s style trends.

7. You’re Too Charming

What? Yes, being too charming can be a pet peeve or signal for women to remove themselves from your life. Why? Well, because if you’re just “too good to be true,” she begins to wonder if you’re this way with every woman. Are you a smooth Casanova that knows how to “treat the ladies,” or are you simply being nice to win her over? These are the questions that will run through her mind before she finally decides to save herself the potential of embarrassment (for example, finding out you have multiple chicks in different area codes) and move on.

Did you happen to find yourself in any of the above pet peeves? If so, they are all fairly easy fixes. Though some may require a gentle tweak in your character or physical appearance, ultimately, it’s for the best. Of course, there are some SERIOUS issues you could have going on that have caused women to flee the scene, so changing these may not totally improve your dating game, but it’s certainly a start.