Top 10 States of the Most Draconian DUI Laws


Getting a ticket for driving under the influence can cost you exorbitant fees no matter where you reside. However, if it happens in a state with the most draconian of DUI laws, it can also put a huge blemish on your career and lead to the ruination your family life.


When people think of Hawaii, images of tropical flowers, oceanic views and kicking back with a cocktail seem to come to mind. Unfortunately, if you get intoxicated and drive, first time offenders in Hawaii could see their insurance rates triple. The rules guided by the state could also impose a three month license suspension, ignition interlocks, fines, imprisonment and community service work if convicted of the offense.

North Carolina

According to, “A team of professionals behind you after a DUI conviction can help alleviate costly fines and lessen an outrageous sentence. If you’re out and about in the Tar Heel state of North Carolina, expect to have your license suspended for 30 days. Repeat offenders will have to face mandatory ignition interlocks and jail time.“


Individuals in California who agree on a Breathalyzer or blood alcohol test could face a license suspension of four months. First time DUI convictions could also exceed $22,000 in fees and court fines and a mandatory ignition interlock system on their vehicle.


If you’re a driver in Michigan, you could have your license suspended for choosing not to take a test that would determine your intoxication level. If you take the test and fail, you would be transported immediately into custody. More sophisticated methods of sobriety testing could also be administered. Punishments could include fines, jail time, community service and a suspended license between 180 days to a full year, dependent on your level of intoxication.


First time offenders that have been convicted of a DUI could have their driving privileges revoked for a full year. They could also be imprisoned for a year and face fines of up to $2,500. If you own a vehicle, it could also be confiscated or impounded. Ignition interlock systems are also mandatory in the state of Illinois. In order to drive, drivers would have to exhale into the device to prove that they are not intoxicated.

New York

Getting around New York taking public transportation can be far easier than navigating the laws that make up the Empire State. If you’re facing a DUI arrest in New York, you could get everything from outrageous fines, DUI School, community service, license suspension and jail time.


This southern state best known for its peaches and southern charm won’t be so friendly if you get convicted of a DUI. First time offenders could be looking at fines in the $1,000 range, 40 hours of community service, mandated programs that are geared toward DUI risk prevention, probation, jail time and treatment evaluations. If you face a second offense, your punishment will be much, much worse.


Recreational marijuana may be acceptable for users in Oregon. However, if you’re found convicted of drinking and driving, you could be facing a brutal punishment. First time offenses include a minimum fine of $1,000. There are also fees you’ll need to incur for assessments, drunk driving programs, county and unitary costs and diagnostic expenses.

New Jersey

New Jersey has some stiff penalties a judge could select from that you won’t be able to “forget about.” Depending on your age, BAC level, past history and other considerations, you could be looking at a lengthy jail sentence and lifetime driver’s license revocation. The laws in New Jersey are so difficult to navigate, that if you’re arrested for a DUI, you’ll want your first call to be to an aggressive attorney with experience in DUI law.


Partying too much in the Sunshine State could find you on the receiving end of a 3rd degree felony. In addition to jail, you’ll also receive license suspension, hefty fines and an impounded vehicle.