6 Reasons Your Girlfriend Needs to Lay Off Your Video Game Habit


This is an open letter to girlfriends everywhere. If you are lucky enough to have one (and let’s face it, some of you aren’t haha!), your gaming habit has already been the topic of an argument. If it hasn’t, you haven’t been a couple for very long. Trust me, that argument is coming. And if you are not prepared for it, you’re going to lose. If you want to have a snowball’s chance in Mordor to wing that argument, put your better half to this open letter for the 6 best reasons why she should lay off your video game habit:

1. Pay Once, Play Forever

Yes, there has been a disturbing trend in video games where a person downloads a free or inexpensive game, but then has to pay to unlock features that make the game worth playing. Worse, the paying never stops. Like plugging coins in an old-style arcade, you are actually never done paying for your favorite games.

The good news is that many of the newest, most immersive and creative games are offering a pay once, play forever model like The Secret World Online Game. Ultimately, this gives us more options for less expensive entertainment. And less money spent on games means more money to spend on fresh milk.

2. Not All Games Make You Play a Misogynist Jerk

If there is one good thing that came out of gamer gate, it is the public conversation about how socially awful games have become. Even the heroes are misogynistic jerks. We’ve always known this, but have not always been aware. Now, we cannot escape awareness. Fortunately, not every game falls in that category. And we can now make better choices based on our new awareness. It doesn’t mean that everything gets fixed overnight. But everything can get a little better. I promise to make better choices.

3. Mobile Gaming Frees up More Time for Us

Mobile games have become so good, we gamers no longer have to wait until we get home in front of the big TV/PC to get our gaming fix on. While mobile games are not quite ready to replace consoles, they have become a lot better in a very short period of time. That means that gamers can get their game on in more places where it makes sense to do it.

Ironically, that also means that at the end of the day, we don’t have to use that time for gaming. We can use it for dinner and a movie, or whatever else you like. More mobile gaming time means more time for us during those times when it matters the most.

4. I Spend Less Time Shopping for the Perfect Game

Part of being a gamer has always been the shopping experience. Games don’t just buy themselves. Most games are never reviewed. And shopping for the perfect game can take a lot of time, and unhappy returns. But because games have gotten so much better in the last few years, it is much easier to take a flyer in a new game. The chances are pretty good that any random game you pick up is going to be reasonably decent. Also, since they can be downloaded, you can trial them a lot faster.

5. Less Time Wasted with Hardware Configurations

There was a time when an hour’s worth of gameplay involved 59 minutes of setup and configuration. You had to have a computer science degree to understand the graphics options and hardware settings for fine tuning the game so that it worked with your hardware. You also had to spend a lot of money on specialized hardware. Because even budget hardware is so good, even PC gamers can spend less time and money configuring, and more time gaming.

6. You Can Play Too

Men call themselves gamers, but just as many women play games. I’m sorry if my self-absorbed behavior has obscured that fact. Gaming does not have to be my time. It can also be our time. And now, as always, you are more than welcome to play too.