2015 Item Guide: Your Apartment


A man’s apartment isn’t just where he lives, it’s where he goes to relax and escape the pressures of the world. Most men care not for which pillowcase will match the curtains, but what cool and interesting items can make his apartment better.

Here are a few suggestions for making your apartment the dream palace in which to unwind.


A comfortable armchair can be the centerpiece that your living room deserves. While the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones may look incredibly cool, it doesn’t exactly scream comfort and subtlety. Take a look at this range of armchairs, all of which will beckon you to sit after a long day at the office. The Manhattan leather armchair in particular, is straight out of the decadent 1930s era, and would be the perfect counterpart to reading a newspaper whilst sipping on your finest whiskey. Which brings us onto…

Alcohol Cabinet

…your very own booze depository. You’re likely well past the age whereby you secretly store your liquor bottles under your bed or in your closet; display those malt whiskeys and fine wines with pride. Check out the seemingly never-ending options of alcohol cabinets over here, including everything from classic mahogany, all the way to massive pieces of metal that have been delicately shaped into eloquent designs.

Framed Prints

Any teenage boy can indifferently tape a $2 poster of Scarlett Johannsson or Tom Brady to their wall, but if you’ve got your own apartment, then chances are that you can afford better wall art than these examples. Attractive and attention-grabbing framed prints from places like this, bring much more sophistication and elegance into your home. Affordable and beautiful images from some of the world’s most masterful artists and photographers can be displayed in your living room – definitely a better conversation piece than a sportsman or half-naked actress.

Light Entertainment

There are items of calmness and finesse that every man needs in his apartment, yet there should also be a lighter and fun side as well. Foosball tables are great when you have some friends over, as the 4-player and any-level-can-join aspect makes this game always an enjoyable activity. There are hundreds of different types of foosball tables, so have a browse and look for something that will fit your personality and budget.

What’s more, retro gaming consoles from Nintendo are a great idea if there are a lot of guests in your apartment (and the foosball table is occupied), as the games are generally simple, also 4-player, and just pure old-fashioned amusement. Casual or even non-gamers will generally find the likes of Call of Duty or FIFA too confusing or difficult to handle. Therefore, easy but still entertaining titles such as Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. can get everyone involved and brighten the atmosphere in the room.

Depending on how retro you feel like going, both the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube still stand the test of time, but the Nintendo Wii can often be the best and most fun console because of its better graphics and unique motion controllers.