How to Spend Less on Running Your Home Computer Setup


Whether you run a small business from your home, you freelance, you are a student, or you simply need a reliable computer set up to maintain important files, pay household bills, and more, there are ways to run and manage your home computer setup without breaking the bank.

Continue reading for a few helpful tips that you can implement right away so that you can start saving money while having the most efficient home office of your dreams.

Use a SmartStrip

Many people who have home computers set up will end up using their systems to do things like fun gaming, surfing the internet for entertainment and education, and other pretty easy tasks. The problem with working on such a wide variety of tasks, though, is the fact that doing so requires using many peripherals. For example, you will end up turning on your computer monitor, your computer, the speakers and the printer, etc. And if you are not shutting everything down at the end of the night, you are using even more electricity than necessary.

First off, shut everything down so that you are not draining unnecessary amounts of electricity and then paying for it on your utility bill. Then invest in a SmartStrip. Plug the computer into the master outlet and then plug all of your other devices into the product’s other slots. When the computer is turned on, the other slots will get the energy they need to operate, but when you turn the computer off, the power to all of the other devices will also automatically turn off so that you do not risk forgetting to turn everything off yourself.

Invest in Energy Star Products

Investing in eco-friendly, energy efficient products, such as those that are Energy Star certified, will also help you save substantial amounts of money and energy in the long run. Your home office will become more efficient than ever, and you should see a drop in your utility bills as a result.

Use an Efficient Inkjet Printer

In addition to purchasing a modern printer and maintaining it with the appropriate products and tools, such as the HP 3600 fuser, you should focus on using an inkjet printer, as this is one of the best and easiest ways to save on energy use.

Dot matrix printers use the least amount of energy, followed by inkjet printers and then laser printers, which use the greatest amount of energy. But dot matrix systems are pretty much obsolete because they provide a lower print quality. Inkjet printers, therefore, are the best way to save money on your home office setup. Just remember to only turn the printer on when you need it and then turn it off when you are done, as stated above, in order to save on energy use.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can design and set up an energy efficient and affordable home office, complete with your computer and all of the various devices and accessories that you need, whether you are completing small tasks or running a business out of your home.