Homes of Today’s Top Celebrities: An Insider’s Look Inside

Oh, how the other half lives. The world’s obsession with celebrities is so well documented that it’s hard to turn on a TV or computer without experiencing in some way or another the pure opulence of their lifestyles. Many celebrities actually live in a comprehensible manner, incorporating swag and style in an almost acceptable fashion. And then there are others that incorporate obscene amenities that prove they “deserve” anything but the average digs. After all, they are stars and what is the purpose of such stardom if they don’t shine, right? Here are some of the choice ways celebrities spend their extra pocket change.

Celine Dion’s Homestead Water Park

When Quebec chanteuse, Celine Dion, added to her average-sized family, the only thing more important than purchasing a glorious $72.5 million private oceanfront estate on Jupiter Island was obviously ensuring her children would never want to leave. Certainly the eight bedroom guest house is impressive enough. And the giant pool in the back is nothing to sneeze at. But the crème de la crème? Its unique and custom-made water park. The diva commissioned the addition by connecting the two original massive pools that came with the house with giant twisting slides and a gentle river at the bottom to collect the tots whenever they tire. All we can say is ooh, la, la.

Drake’s YOLO Estate

When you’re a big R&B star like Drake, it’s not good enough to get your dream estate for a song. The mega star went on to label his mansion as the YOLO estate after paying only a third of its almost $25 million asking price. In all fairness, he was in the right place at precisely the right time. But deals like that impress even the best real estate agents like those at Chappell & Matthews. Drake delighted in the switch-operated library wall that leads to a hidden bedroom, the mechanical bull, and the 28-person movie theater. But what grabbed the 27-year-old Toronto native by the meat hooks was the torch-lit grotto behind two illuminated waterfalls. And why not? After all, according to Drake, You Only Live Once.

The Travolta’s Home Airport

John Travolta isn’t just a world-renown actor. At 60-years old, he’s a certified pilot and owner of five personal aircraft. If that’s not enough, he also happens to be the Goodwill Global Ambassador for Quantas, Australia’s largest International airport. With all that going for him, it only makes sense that his home reflects his interest.. doesn’t it? Well, he certainly thinks so. The ultimate eccentric’s home is complete with a 7,500-foot runway which leads right up to the house. Instead of a slew of cars, a Boeing 707 can be found in the yard, perfect for sudden emergency trips to, say, a private island excursion, movie shoots in Burma, or perhaps just globetrotting on a boring Wednesday afternoon.

The Ultimate Candy Crush

When the creator of Minecraft sold the rights of the game to Microsoft for $2.5 billion, few non gamers batted an eye. But no one expected what happened next, especially America’s R&B royalty, Beyonce and Jay Z. Beverly Hills is known for its pricey real estate, but the Z’s had their eyes on the prize until Markus “Notch” Persson made a huge dent in his massive fortune to sneak it from under their perky noses. And what did he get for his $70 million investment? The 23,000 square foot completely furnished mansion has eight bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. The estate provides sensory overload with a 54-foot curved glass revolving door which leads to an ipad controlled infinity pool. A car showroom, and multiple bars including cases of vodka, tequila, and Dom Perignon were included. But the sweetest part? An entire candy room to ensure kids of all ages are bouncing off the walls, or at least have the opportunity to, 24/7.

The Clooney’s Pre-Panic Paradise

Considering George Clooney and his lovely wife, Amal Alamuddin had one of the most extravagant weddings of the year, it may come as a surprise that their marital abode is quite calm and sophisticated. Unlike other bright and shiny modern mansions with every amenity under the sun, the Clooneys opted for a Downton Abbey-esque English country estate. The couple dived right in, giving the manor a necessary facelift and adding amenities such as a new pool house, cinema, and grand terrace. But one thing they’re planning thoroughly is a new panic room. This is actually more for the Mrs. than Mr. Hollywood. Since she’s a human-rights lawyer and involved in many high-profile cases, the good husband wants to ensure his lady love is safe and secure at all times. As such, the new addition will be completely bombproof, fireproof, and attack-resistant. And they say romance is dead.

Certainly celebrity lifestyles can seem completely opulent and obscene. After all, they’re on constant watch on every corner of the globe. But that’s the point of the excess. When you’re as recognizable as the A-listers happen to be, it’s near impossible to live a normal existence among their adoring, not-so-adoring, and often over-adoring public. Simply going to the store, hopping on a plane, or taking the kids to a water park can turn an adventure into a nightmare. Sure we can still judge from a distance. But perhaps we can also consider if we’d handle ourselves any differently if we were in their Jimmy Choos.

David Peters is a fashion and celebrity photographer and is able to give an insider’s view on many aspects of celebrity lifestyles. He enjoys sharing his experiences with an online audience and writes for a number of lifestyle websites.