Greatest ever car gadgets


If you’re looking to pimp your ride, then there are plenty of great ways to bring your car right up to date, even if it’s an older model without all the gizmos and gadgets that car manufacturers are putting into their new machines.

Even if last year you bought what you were told was the newest model around, you could still feel you’ve missed out when this year’s new technology and gadgets emerge.

However, there’s no need to worry – there are plenty of really good ways to bring your older wheels right up to date. Let’s take a look at a range of them that are a mix of the functional and the simply fun. Then get your motor running and head out on the highway.

Dash cam

This first one is extremely functional and could save you a lot of problems and money, so what’s not to like? A dash cam can be mounted anywhere in your car and it records your entire trip (including the kids bickering in the back, which you can replay to them anytime!). However, it’s real importance is that it provides a record of everything that happens on a trip, be it a short drive to the mall or a long road trip. Set it up on your windshield, switch it on, and get visual and audio evidence of what’s happened during your journey.

A major plus of a dash cam is that it will provide you with evidence in the event of an accident that wasn’t your fault, with the potential to save you many thousands of dollars in insurance claims and legal fees. You can check out DashCam Pro online and find a gadget that will make a huge difference to your driving life.

Be Batman

Well, not exactly, but you could have a bit of amusement with this Batman Brake Light Decal. It’s the classic batwing that’s well-known from the film franchise (and for those who remember the 1960s TV program). The decal’s made of quality vinyl, and all you need to do is customize it (you’ll have instructions) to the size you want for your model of car. Once you’ve peeled it off, stick it to your car’s third brake light and you’re on your way to make Gotham City a safer place. At least, you can imagine you are!

Cellphone signal booster

There you are, out in the wilds, and your cellphone just isn’t getting the signal you expected, and you need it either because you’ve encountered some kind of problem or you just want to pull over for a break and talk to someone. Cellphone coverage can be very patchy in some places, even if you have a fancy smartphone, so investing in a signal booster can make a significant difference to your ease of connection. You get a complete car kit with a cradle for the phone and a magnet mount antenna. It supports 3G and can deliver power up to ten times more than a regular cellphone.


You know that cup holder that’s useful for holding your drinks? Need to charge up some gadgets while you’re on the move? Then you might want to swap your drinks for a while with a PowerCup. Just put it into your car’s drinks holder, hook it up to the power point – the cigarette lighter, of course ¬– and you can charge a laptop, smartphone, tablet, DVD player, MP3 player and most other electrical items as well. Handy, easy to use, and ideal if your other gadgets are running low on juice.

Heated steering wheel cover

In those snow-covered months with below-zero temperatures, it’s not that much fun when the car is cold and so are you. What better way is there to help your hands than by having a heated steering wheel cover? You can get one that is battery-operated and that completely encircles your steering wheel. Your winter driving just got a whole lot more pleasant.

Digital breathalyzer

This one may not be so much fun, but it could prove very useful. It should go without saying that you don’t get behind the wheel when you’ve been drinking alcohol. Even a couple of drinks can impair your reactions. A digital breathalyzer could be a sensible way to check if you’re within the legal limit, wherever you are, if you plan to drive. You really have to be careful. For example, if you’re driving in some countries, particularly in Europe, there’s at times a zero tolerance for any alcohol in the system for drivers. Check regulations for wherever you use the device if you think you need to, but, in the end, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Cut out the blind spots

It’s often one of the most difficult things to do as a driver – check exactly what’s going on behind you and next to you. Blind spots can give you a real problem, so by using a No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror, you can get a field of view of 180° so that you can get an accurate reflection of what’s happening behind you without any distortion. It also lets you monitor adjacent vehicles when you’re changing or merging lanes without needing to turn your head. For most vehicles, this mirror will clamp over the majority of standard rear view mirrors – it will also help reduce by 50% the headlight glare of vehicles following you.

Homing device

Have you ever parked your car in an unfamiliar city and not quite remembered where you’ve left it? If that’s you (and it is with many drivers), then the GPS Homing Device is ideal. Simple to use and eminently portable, you never need to worry about where your vehicle is again.

Putting the fun into functionality

New gadgets are great and as well as being fun to have, they can make serious increases to how your car, and you, are able to function on the road. If you love to drive, then you can find plenty more to suit you.