Latest inside trends for online gambling

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Online gambling is here to stay. Although some countries, like the US, are trying to stem the tide. Almost all signs point towards continued growth for online gambling, whether it’s poker or traditional casino games. We’re seeing some new trends in online gambling that are likely to have a profound impact, an impact that probably will be mostly positive. Regardless, these two trends will fundamentally change the world of online gambling.

The first trend is the rise of mobile gambling. It’s no secret that mobile gaming is big business but for a number of reasons mobile gambling has been slower to catch on. This has definitely changed and nowadays if an online casino doesn’t have a mobile app or a mobile version of their website they are the odd ones out. In fact, we’re witnessing the rise of ”mobile first” gambling. “Mobile first” meaning that the site is primarily designed with mobile users in mind, with traditional desktop users being an afterthought. Also, new games are now, more often than not, written and designed, if not mobile first, at least with mobile in mind.

The second trend is one that online casino operators are welcoming with open arms: an influx of casual gamers. Mobile games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds utilise in-app payments where you can pay to beat a level more easily, get extra lives and the like. Making the transition to mobile slot games is thus easy; after all, many modern slots look very similar to “normal” games. They succeed at being entertaining even when playing with play money, with no chance of winning for real.

Business insiders, like the people behind Casinosonline, confirm that these two trends are strong at the moment. They cite the speed with which you can both make deposits and withdraw your winnings as important factors in the rise of mobile gambling ¬ instant gratification and fast withdrawals. Mobile gambling is, more than anything else, about accessibility, and the potential for growth is huge. In fact, the one thing slowing down the growth of mobile gambling has nothing to do with technology or availability, it is purely about the legality of online gambling in different parts of the world. But even so, the rise of mobile gambling is happening at an astonishing speed.