Four essential car additions for car lovers


Many see driving as a convenient way to get from A to B but for motoring enthusiasts driving is so much more than that. If you’re a true petrol head you’ll always be looking for ways to get more from the world of driving.

There are dozens of ingenious little additions you can make to your motor. While many of them may not exactly set the pulse racing, they do significantly improve the driving experience. Here are four car additions every driver needs.

Dashboard cameras

A dashboard camera, more commonly known as a “dash cam”, is a small camera wired into a car which automatically starts recording when the car is started. With a recent rise in road accidents and casualties, many have taken to installing dash cams to avoid false claims and to protect themselves from insurance fraudsters.

Many dash cams are battery operated and can operate even while you’re away from the vehicle. This therefore prevents many legal issues that arise post-accident by recording the facts. Car enthusiasts are also purchasing dash cams to document footage of road trips, impressive driving skills and daredevil manoeuvres. Dash cam prices vary with advanced models costing around £200 while more basic models are available for around £50.

Personalised number plates

The private number plate remains one of the most popular ways of personalising an automobile. Not only are they a form of identification, they can actually say a lot about you and can be representative of your personality. Many providers, such as Click4Reg, specialise in providing affordable customised registrations. Plates can also provide drivers with an investment that could pay off a few years down the line.

The UK system of DVLA number plates produces combinations of letters and numbers which can bear resemblances to common names and words. This enables a driver to customise a number plate using numbers and letters to create words personal to them. There are many types of car registration plate, many of which include a location and year identifier for when and where the mark was first registered.

Engine data readers

Engine data readers are gadgets for the real enthusiasts out there. They are a particularly handy tool for those interested in finetuning engines or even modding.

The iODB2 engine reader can feed data from your car straight to your smartphone. Simply stick the 16 pin diagnostic connector into your engine’s data port, download the free app and the statistics will appear on your phone screen for you to see. The product is unique from other engine data readers because of the “dashboard” feature which allows the user to select various data to be shown on visual “dash gauges” in real time with pinpoint accuracy.

Car key locators

You’re late to work or have somewhere you need to be but just cannot find your car keys anywhere. This is the dilemma that 26% of drivers have faced at some point in their lives. Of those losing their keys, one in five misplaced them at work, 15% during a shopping trip and 13% while visiting friends or relatives. One of life’s annoyances can be ended once and for all with electronic key finders.

Key finders may not be the most adrenaline inducing gadgets but lost keys can leave you significantly out of pocket. The rise of “smart” key technology is increasing the cost of replacement car keys even further. Of the top-selling cars in 2014, keys for the Nissan Qashqai cost £280 to replace.


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