Superheroes: A Comic Caper Production

The birth of Superheroes goes back to the 1940’s, and they have come a long way in becoming legends of our times. The history states, that when Superman was in the theater, they were movie goers who cared less about a man jumping from one apartment to another, or flying from space you can’t even think of jumping. That’s what superheroes were meant to be, and Christopher Reeves was an actor, who was an insignificant person then, however, is a prodigy for future superheroes now. Marvel Comics was the creator of the first celebrated superhero, which went on to make much more such as Captain Marvel, Captain America, The Phantom, Blade, X-Men, and the most recent Spiderman.

These were the famous Marvel comic heroes, who turned flesh and blood on the big screen. Marvel comics has been the publication, who started the trend of Superheroes, the other competitors such as DC comics followed them through a period, where Marvel Comics was trying to bring its glory back into the market.

Superman was the first superhero created by Marvel wherein making the hero fly high in the year 1978. The published version was a sellout year before Christopher Reeves created the stir, that does not change the phenomenon for him, even if there were many Supermen who have entered his circle till today. The Superman movies were accepted because of this actor who was an unknown and went on acting in the Superman sequels, thereafter.

Captain Marvel and Captain America were uninspiring heroes who did not get enough credibility in the market for a long period and were easily forgotten. The Phantom was good, but didn’t last as long as Superman. The history of cinema chronicled that Superman was the only movie that had an impact so great, till a few years. Marvel comics were in a bad condition and “Blade” showed them the light through a long tunnel of misses, at the box office. The series made on cable TV was also revered, and loved by all. Thereafter, X-men, the Marvel comics much awaited comic caper, took to production and came out a winner.

The graphic novel era brought in books for Marvel comics, to distribute their stories not big enough to be released into movies, a revenue tank, nevertheless. The comics are the most sought after books category in the market in the current scenario.

In fact, the Marvel Comics superheroes are made into a game where the superhero fights the bad guy while YOU make him win by playing the game. The games listed below are the superheroes, who have touched our hearts while others have tried hard, but have eventually taken to games where they have a permanent job of killing the notorious fellow.

The games on Casino are listed below:
 Blade
 Blade Fifty Lines
 Captain of America – The First Avenger
 Daredevil
 Elektra
 Fantastic Four
 Fantastic Four Fifty Lines
 Ghost Rider
 Iron Man
 Iron Man two
 Iron Man two – Fifty Lines
 Iron Man three
 Spider Man: Attack of the Great Green Goblin
 The Avengers
 Thor The Mighty Avenger
 Wolverine
 X-Men Fifty Lines

While these games on are Marvel treats that keep coming our way, the casino games have different themes as well. With Spiderman and Wolverine are favorite movies, the forgotten heroes like the Incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four are games you will enjoy on this site the most. The range of Marvel comics starts here at this moment in time, with the current scenario making heroes out of everyone. and Marvel comics have come together for this gaming experience that everyone should indulge in. Whatever the case, Marvel comics, and Marvel movies have always paved the way, any competition’s win is just for about for a few years.


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