Five of the Best Bachelor Party Ideas


Historically, the typical bachelor party involved meeting up with friends and family on the eve of the wedding, drinking copious amounts of alcohol before being rather worse for wear the next day. Although some individuals still follow this tried and trusted trend, however, the majority of modern bachelors take advantage of the far wider range of options that now exist in the world.

So what exactly are the top five bachelor party ideas for people to bear in mind?

Strip Dinner

Although this idea is unlikely to go down well among the hens of this world, what man wouldn’t enjoy settling down to a three-course meal while a number of beautiful ladies provide some classic bachelor party entertainment? A new and unique take on the classic bachelor experience; this is an experience that will enable you to end your days as a single man in incredible style.

Off-road Karting

Available in the UK and further-flung locations dotted throughout Eastern Europe, off-road karting offers a serious, hard-core alternative to even Britain’s most challenging UK tracks. Traversing difficult and diverse terrains at high speed, you will need to possess cat-like reflexes and a love of the open road if you are to get the most from this unique experience. Fuelled by adrenalin, fear and the thrill of your open-air surroundings, off-road karting is ideal for anyone with a love of speed!

Zorb Football

While we have all heard of zorbing, zorb football takes this activity onto an entirely new and thrilling dimension. Just as crazy as the name suggests, this new bachelor party activity lets you play in teams of five or seven and attempt to play classic football while confined within what can only be described as an upper-body orb! You can also play a league or cup format as you desire; just remember to prepare yourself for anything before taking the field.

Play with a Legend

On a similar note, some events agencies now offer bachelors the opportunity to play a game of football with their favourite players of all time! With stellar names and former England internationals such as Paul Merson, Darren Anderton and Matthew Le Tissier on the books, you and your friends can pitch up at a location and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime game against true legends. Whether you win or not is another matter, but surely taking part is what counts against these individuals.

Visit a Casino

While the land of Las Vegas is renowned as the spiritual home of gambling and casino gameplay, the world is full of locations that can provide the same thrill and sense of adventure. From the Grosvenor Casino in Birmingham to the exclusive Ritz in Leicester Square, these resorts are extravagantly decorated and capable of delivering a thrilling last night of freedom. A word of warning, however, as those who intend to win big may want to first hone their skills at a reputable, online casino.


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