The Top 5 Gaming Laptops for 2015


Thanks to the renaissance of PC gaming in recent times, laptops have emerged as many players’ device of choice in the last 18 months. With the majority of contemporary laptops offering impressive processing speeds and classic portability, these devices offer a balanced and immersive gaming experience while also delivering flexible, multipurpose usage options. In fact, your main challenge as a consumer is selecting the best device to suit your specific budget, expectations and needs.

With this in mind, here are five of the best and most popular laptops on the market in 2015.

Schenker XMG C504

While the majority of quality laptops boast an inflated price tag, there is considerable value to be accessed at the lower end of the market. Take the Schenker XMG C504, for example, which delivers the type of consistent performance and competitive price point (£1099) which is perfect for casual gamers. This is despite being relatively slow in terms of processing, as this only really poses an issue for avid players who operate multiple titles simultaneously.

Gigabyte P35W v2

Further up the pricing scale is the Gigabyte P35W v2, which can be sourced affordably for a cool £1399. Impressively designed as a slim and extremely lightweight device, this laptop also manages to deliver outstanding graphics and considerable performance in terms of gameplay. While the relatively poor and compact screen poses some issues in terms of usage, this product is ideal for realistic gamers who are in the market for a functional laptop with a mid-range price point.

The Aorus X3 Plus

Third on our list is the excellent Aorus X3 Plus, which works exceptionally as a portable and dedicated games station. With fast frame rates and a high resolution screen, players can process even complex titles without compromising on the graphical or processing performance of the device. Such pin-sharp imagery and professional processing is available for as little as £1550 in the current market, while the product is ideal for those with a particular love for gaming, but is just as ideal for those who’d simply rather spend some time at US online poker rooms.

Alienware 13

Compact and yet powerful, the Alienware 13 laptop serves as the very embodiment of modern technology. Well suited to hosting all Windows games, this sturdy and relatively thick laptop is deceptively lightweight and boasts a number of impressive design features that are not to be ignored. Best described as a portable and premium gaming laptop, the best aspect of this device is its exceptionally competitive price point of just £1100.

The MSI GS60 2QD-470UK

Sometimes, it is the benefits and evolved specification features of a product that distinguishes it rather than a strong and consistent performance. Take the MSI GS60 2QD-470UK, for example, which makes up for its cumbersome title and short battery life with its lightweight nature (2kg), 20mm thickness and most advanced graphics processor in contemporary gaming. Priced at just £1299, this laptop manages to present games in their highest possible detail setting, and this is something that delivers a truly immersive experience to players.