Buyers Guide: What You Should Look for in Your New TV

Are you in the market for a new television? It’s the golden age for purchasing new sets, because the technology continues to evolve each year. Since the widespread adoption of HDTV, picking the right unit has become quite the challenge. Here’s a buyer’s guide to help you understand what to look for in a new television.

Size Matters


The size issue applies in both directions. If you buy a large unit for a smaller room, you may discover that you don’t enjoy a perfect view of the entire set. If you place the HDTV five feet from your view area, any unit larger than 40” will cause this problem. Conversely, in a larger room, where you’ll position the television seven feet or farther away, you’ll want at least a 56” HDTV. Check a distance chart to verify the appropriate size for your needs.

Ignore the Jargon

Marketing materials for HDTVs are intentionally complex. The idea is to impress consumers with numbers in order to entice them into paying for more television than they need. Don’t fall for it. Highly promoted concepts such as contrast ratio and refresh rate have no real meaning, while viewing angle is a pointless statistic. If you’re trying to watch your television at an 80-degree angle, something has gone horribly awry.

Focus on the measures that matter. Screen size and display technology are among the most important elements to consider, as they will directly impact your enjoyment of your new TV. Take the opportunity to look at curved screens and dazzling OLED displays such as the LG 55EC9300 in a store, and you’ll ultimately appreciate what distinguishes them from HDTVs with older technology.

Apps Matter

While many Blu-Ray players and standalone devices such as Roku provide access to critical viewing apps, the easiest way to use these programs is directly from your television. If an HDTV doesn’t have Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video support, perhaps you shouldn’t buy it. The cost increase is minimal while the utility is tremendous. Once you have the ability to watch the entire Netflix library at the click of your remote, you’ll never want to watch it any other way.

Note that some Smart TVs include the ability to search for new apps. This forward-thinking design means that if a new video streaming service gains popularity, you’ll be able to immediately install it on your HDTV.

Finally, some TVs now include audio command search. This lets you speak the title of a movie or television program, and the software will find it and begin to stream it to your HDTV. The ability to verbally command your favorite entertainment is a game-changer that will quickly become addictive, and it’s worth the extra money.

Picking the right HDTV doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth. It’s supposed to be a fun process culminating in a purchase that will please you for years to come. Simply follow the advice above, and you’ll have a great new television!