10 Fun and Unique First Date Ideas


As anyone who has ever embarked on a serious relationship can testify, courtship can be as challenging as it is invigorating. As you try to strike the ideal balance between creating a desirable first impression and presenting a true reflection of your own persona, it can be difficult to select suitable dating experiences that offer you the best possible chance of success.

With this challenge in mind, here are ten first date ideas that will blow your mind.

1. Take a Romantic Walk

Let’s start with the basics. Idyllic romantic walks are ideal components of a first date, as they are intimate and enable two partners to develop a deeper understanding of one another. So take your date for a relaxing evening walk through a local park or along a scenic nature trail, ensuring that you converse openly as you do so.

2. Visit a Luxury Cinema

While a romantic walk represents the ideal climax to a first date, it will need to follow a fun and exciting experience. Given this and the fact that everyone enjoys a good movie, why not take your partner to a luxury cinema location and enable them to enjoy their choice of film in style? The Electric in Shoreditch, London is one of the UL’s prime locations, from its leather armchairs to cashmere blankets. Just remember to be a gentleman and let your date pick the film!

3. Visit an Outdoor Theatre

On a similar note, London and other cities in the UK are also home to a number outdoor theatres and cinema resorts. Take The Rooftop Film Club, for example, which operates in four London locations including Peckham Rye, Shoreditch, Kensington and Stratford. Here you can enjoy food, drink and ground-breaking films, all in a thrilling, open-air environment where romance can bloom.

4. Pack a Picnic

If you have met your partner online or through a reputable site such as top10bestdatingsites.com, it is imperative that you spend intimate time together. A romantic picnic in an idyllic location is therefore ideal, whether you select a local venue or venture out to a resort such as the Peak or Lake District. Try to personalise the experience and ensure that the food and drink suits your partner’s tastes and dietary needs.

5. Go Boating

Another breathtakingly simple and romantic idea, boating at a secure country or national park enables you to flirt with adventure in a controlled environment. Cruising along a sunlit lake during the peak of summer is an ideal way to spend a romantic date, as it provides you with an opportunity to talk and create an intimate atmosphere. It is also a wonderful way to test the level of chemistry that exists between you and your partner.

6. Head out to a Mall and Shop for Gifts

This may sound like a strange idea, but this is something that can relax both parties and create an innate sense of comfort. After all, gift shopping is something that couples do on a regular basis, where buying for each other or beloved friends and family members. If you want to make a day out of it and take in some lunch too, why not visit one of the larger national shopping resorts such as the Centre UK in Milton Keynes.

7. Visit a Landmark or Tourist Attraction

As residents of a specific country, it stands to reason that we may not have visited every single historical landmark or tourist attraction. This could be an excellent way to spend a first date, as you choose a national landmark that neither partner has previously seen. From the Tower of London to the wonders of Warwick Castle in the West Midlands, why not satisfy a joint passion for learning and spend quality time together in a unique location?

8. Attend a Music Concert

Music serves as a great leveller in relationships, while it also provides the foundation for passionate and emotive conversation. If you and your partner have shared tastes in music, why not select an upcoming concert and attend as a couple? Here you can indulge a shared passion and create the first of many positive memories, while also setting the right tempo for your relationship. Visit the Ticket Master website to identify upcoming concerts, locations and prices.

9. Create a Unique Dinner Experience

Just as the luxury cinema offers an enhanced movie-goer experience, so too a unique and personalised dinner date can transcend traditional dining. This can take many forms, whether you book three courses at different restaurants or look to recreate your dates’ favourite meals in the comfort of your own home. If you do decide to visit alternative restaurants to enjoy your starter, main course and desert, however, be sure to base your bookings on the individual tastes and preferences of your partner.

10. Take a Class together

We have already discussed the benefits of indulging a shared passion for learning during a first date, so why not extend this further by taking a local course of evening class together? Although your exact choice will depend on your own individual tastes, options such as dance, cooking and music classes offer the best chance for romance and intimacy. The former is particularly suitable, especially if you choose to learn intimate dances such as salsa or the tango.

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